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Atelier September, Copenhagen

This could be the best discovery we’ve made so far thanks to Instagram. Oddly enough, this popular and massively instagrammed cafe in Copenhagen offers no wi-fi. It represents to perfection that back to the roots trend that is steadily spreading across the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Natural produce, minimal concepts and basic preparations. Of course, we wanted to give it a try.
Atelier_September_11We were welcomed by a quiet airy atmosphere and double bass notes. The decor was simple, almost rustic, but had that undeniable understated luxury feeling that only the Danish can pull off. Two big wooden tables, light marble, mix and match chairs, big windows and the cutest dog. A sweet scent of basil and asparagus came from the tiniest kitchen behind the bar, which displayed a few tempting pastries.
Atelier_September_8Atelier_September_7A young gentleman and an even yourger lady kindly took our orders and we proceeded to sit down… and play with the dog, obviously. He was so sweet…  Quiet and calm, just like the general vibes. Everything in this cafe invites to sit, relax and savour every moment. This is one of those places to have a nice conversation and read a good book while sipping your coffee.
Atelier_September_3Oh, the coffee. Very nice. A little bit on the sweet side, maybe because of the milk, but very nice indeed. Before our breakfast arrived we reviewed the little menu written on a small chalkboard: we doubted if we should have ordered the soft boiled eggs with Danish cheese, but little did we know how much we were going to love our yogurt with granola.
Atelier_September_1Atelier_September_2We had the most delicate buttery croissant, a second cup of coffee and the best yogurt we’ve ever had. Rich, creamy, almost velvety and covered with rhubarb, zucchini, basil and crunchy granola. A completely unexpected flavour combination (who expects zucchini with their yogurt?) that turned out to be refreshing, light and just the right amount of sweet. The large portion scared us at the beggining, but who were we trying to fool? Of course we ate absolutely everything!
Atelier_September_5Atelier_September_9Atelier_September_6No wonder Atelier September has become so popular. It offers a tiny but delicious menu with the most amazing seasonal produce, it feels exclusive and unique yet welcoming and easy going and allows you to play with the sweetest dog in Copenhagen. And, well, it’s the epitome of slow-paced breakfasts so… we’re in love.

Atelier September
Gothersgade 30
1123 Copenhagen


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