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The travel bag

We are weekenders, so a nice travel bag is something we really need/want during our European weekend getaways. It’s perfect to spend a couple of days away and travel in style. Because, let’s face it: trolleys are practical but they don’t look that good. There is something about a good old leather travel bag that says “well-travelled person”. So looking for a nice, good quality, but not overpriced option we’ve found Le Pliage Cuir, by Longchamp. It’s light, spacious, folds up when not in use and comes in a huge range of colours. Obviously our favourite is the classic Mocha, a dark brown with masculine vibes.

This bag is made to carry your striped tees and black ballerinas in a romantic road trip along the Amalfi Coast. Or maybe boho dresses and tan sandals for a weekend in Ibiza. And why not jeans and light blue shirts to discover Cornwall? Do you sense the seaside theme here? Well, we do miss the sea breeze in our hair…

Pic via Longchamp


  1. I can only agree with you! I am a longchamp girl and I go everywhere with my bags! best companion to run errands :)

  2. You know, the thing I find impractical about the Longchamp bags as a weekender is that everything goes in and then I can’t find what I want unless I empty out the entire bag !

    • Well, that’s true but since I always carry everything in separate little bags, it’s not that big of a problem for me…

  3. Such a classic bag! You can’t go wrong… I just feel I need it in more colours. I do agree with wanderingcows comment, sometimes it’s a bit like a bottomless pit and I can’t find anything that I put in there! :D

    • Oh but there are more colours! Some of them really bright! I’m just a neutral colours kind of girl… I was telling to wanderingcows that I always carry everything packed in little bags, so that’s not a problem for me. Even if I’m taking a trolley or a big suitcase with me: everything is packed in little bags under several categories… I’m a control freak :P

  4. The compartments idea is a good one! :) Yeah I have a couple of colours but then I find I put something on and find myself needing another one. I could actually just use a black one which would then go with everything! Black would be sensible…

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