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5 things to do during long layovers

Next week we’ll be flying to Seville. We are really excited because we’ll be attending a fabulous wedding, we’ll be visiting friends and family, we’ll enjoy 35ºC and we’ll be eating tons of jamón and drinking litres of gazpacho. But we’ll have a 5 hours layover in our flight back. Aiuto! It was either that or adding a couple of connecting flights to our route. So 5 hours in Munich airport it is! Today we thought we could share with you our main hobbies to survive long layovers and maybe you could tell us yours?

 1. Duty free attacks: as a confessed beauty addict, duty free shops are paradise on Earth to me. I could easily spend the five hours in Munich browsing and swatching my way through the counters.

 2. Foreign magazines stravaganza: we love buying foreign magazines and spending hours reading and commenting all the articles and gorgeous pictures. Our favorites are Conde Nast Traveller (we’re subscribed to the UK edition, the best one in our opinion), Forbes and Elle.

 3. Chocolate and coffee tasting: Combine the huge chocolate packages in the airport shops with the endless possibilities of (usually terrible) airport coffee and you’ll get some pretty decent treats. M&M’s affogato or Toblerone capuccino, for example.

 4. Trying perfumes until you get dizzy. This could be dangerous when mixed with turbulences in your next flight, but it’s really fun.

5. Watching (almost) a full season of a TV series. I think this time we’ll be going for House of Cards… But I’d love to watch How to get away with murder again. Have you watched it? Isn’t it great? Oh, we’re so looking forward to season two!

What about you? Any tips or tricks to suvive #airportboredom?


  1. It could be worth paying to go into a lounge for that length of time? They often have free snacks, magazines, drinks and wifi to keep you going?

  2. Oh gosh, 5 hour stopover for a short hop from Spain to Germany on the way home !! As it has to be, then at least it’s the well-equipped Munich airport and not a forsaken airport with no amenities. In 5 hours there would also be time for a small meal as well I guess. In Asian airports, there is often a massage place. If there isn’t one in Munich, you should write to the authorities. But enjoy Seville. I am envious because I just came back from Madrid and I am missing the sunny carefree days.

    • Welll, the problem is that Bremen – Seville is quite a difficult combination. The possibilities involved Seville – Toulouse – Paris – Bremen or Seville- Madrid – Munich – Bremen. Or worse. So the long layover seemed the least painful option… I will report back about the massage place ;) And yes, Munich airport is really nice, so we hope it won’t be too hard.
      How was Madrid? We will be back in July!

      • Hmm, your routes are challenging. Madrid was great. Lots of sunny days, tapas and cañas … the small glass sizes made me feel like I could drink lots of beer in the evenings !

  3. hah! chocolate and coffee tasting? that’s amazing and genius. I usually scrounge around for wifi… then a power plug, then wifi again… it’s a real blast.

    • Wifi? I just gave up… why don’t all airports offer free wifi? I don’t know… wait! Maybe they want us to buy all the chocolate, magazines and lipsticks in their shops!!! By the way, chocolate tasting: the best thing you can do in an airport. Buy all the chocolate. I always tell myself that I’m on holidays, so…

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  5. Lee Ann says

    Just got our itinerary … with flight changes … for a summer trip to Italy from the US. Our once-short stopover in Munich is now … yes … five hours! And the funny thing is, seems like we always end up in Munich. I laugh that my passport looks like I spend all my European time in Munich! I LOVE the idea of the chocolate tasting; will remember that this summer.

    • We live in the North of Germany and travel often to Spain. That involves long stopovers in Múnich too! Last time we thought about vivisting the airport spa (yes! there’s an apparently good spa in the premises!) but it was in another terminal. You had to pass the control security for long distance flights. We were in the European flights terminal. That’s way we didn’t visit it, we were worried we would have problems with security controls. But you can do it! Before leaving the terminal where you will probably arrive at, check the spa! You have five hours… So first spa to make you feel better after your long flight… and then chocolate testing! There you have a plan! By the way, we are curious, were in Italy are you heading?

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