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Granada_5We actually can’t figure out why the crew of Game of Thrones has not fell in love with Granada and invent a whole new kingdom to simply praise its beauty. Granada is a mysterious, unique, historical meeting point of civilizacions. The architecture is undeniable Arabian, the vegetation goes from Mediterranean to Tropical and the kitchens burst with the best Spanish flavours. Granada has made thousands of people fall in love, but it will always remain unknown.
Granada_6Granada_7Granada_13Granada is full of corners where you will only listen to the soothing sound of water. The fresh air from the mountains will wake you up and fill you with energy, the tiny streets of the Albaicín will exhaust you… just to reward you with the most impressive views you can dream of. The Alhambra, probably the most beautiful palace in the world, with its luscious gardens, its romantic story and its cruel secrets.
Granada_11Granada_4Granada_10Granada_2And if there is one place to absorb the wonderful sights of Granada, to take it all in, that’s El Huerto de Juan Ranas. Find a table in one of its terraces, order your favorite drink and admire the spectacular Alhambra in front of you, the mountains in the distance and the whole city at your feet.
Granada_9Granada_12Granada_3Granada_1Granada is, was and always will be, a paradise for the senses. Walking through the Alhambra’s gardens you can help but thinking: That’s how a Khaleesi must feel…

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