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SP34 hotel, Copenhagen

Any visit to Copenhagen should be focus on design, excellent food and long walks or bike rides. The city has a smart casual code, is friendly yet sophisticated, open but walkable… it’s simply one of those places that makes you fall in love and think about how real life would be living there. But since travel is phantasizing, you should look for an accommodation that gives you that illusion, that makes you feel like a local in the know, that exudes the personality of the city where it’s located.  Hotel SP34 provides that experience. It will make you believe that you are one of those young, tall, smart, total black outfit wearers, cool bike Danish riders.

Hotel_SP34_34Hotel_SP34_37Located in a side quiet street in the city’s old Latin Quarter, SP34 is discreet, grey and minimalistic on the outside. But once you step inside, thousands of small details will prove that you have found a pretty special accommodation. Every corner screams for a picture: from the leather chairs of the library to the hilarious mural in reception. You will notice that while the hotel has a sober color palette, it has a really fun and relaxed atmosphere. The clean lines and refined architecture contrast with ironic touches in the decor: the golden bull head and the bicycle in the lounge area, the graffiti that signals the restaurant (burgers and cocktails anyone?) the “you are here” murals in the long soft carpeted corridors…

This hotel looks like the house you’ve always wanted. Every corner would be the best addition to your Instagram feed. You could dream to be a bohemian artist, a minimalist architect or a cosmopolitan globetrotter. The ambience is calm but the vibes are vibrant.  The rooms, however, are designed for the perfect rest. Spotless and so Scandinavian,  the mix between the warm and cold materials and the warm and cold tones will certainly make you feel cosy, homey and welcome. Our room overlooked a beautiful courtyard and was filled with that wonderful Spring Nordic light for almost our whole stay, which made our mornings easy and relaxed. The exclusive REN amenities, that you can also buy at the reception desk, made the beauty addict in me scream with joy. Every detail was thoughtful. And again, good humour striked back: that do not disturb sign was hilarious.

Hotel_SP34_35Hotel_SP34_8Hotel_SP34_2Hotel_SP34_4Hotel_SP34_5Unfortunately, the weather was not very warm during our stay and we didn’t get to enjoy the wonderful rooftop terrace. But if you happen to visit SP34 in Summer make sure you savour a good old burger and a refreshing cocktail in this cute terrace. Hotel_SP34_25Hotel_SP34_24Hotel_SP34_19Hotel_SP34_18Hotel_SP34_20Have we saved the best for last? Maybe… Which is the better way to bid farewell to such an amazing hotel? A lazy, power breakfast, of course. And you know we love a good breakfast! SP34 offers a wonderful organic buffet with the best quality produce. Try the Islandic yogurt, the deliciously buttery croissants, the perfectly cooked runny eggs and the organic cheeses and wash everything down with a freshly squeezed orange juice. Finish with a capuccino, smile with the words on our tablecloth (that sense of humour!) and off to explore the city! Hotel_SP34_41Hotel_SP34_32Hotel_SP34_28Hotel_SP34_29Hotel_SP34_30Hotel_SP34_27Hotel_SP34_26Hotel_SP34_31As you can see by the long post and the tons of pictures, we really enjoyed our stay at SP34. Its perfect location, the absolutely fantastic decor, the comfortable beds and the great atmosphere make it one of the best boutique hotels we’ve ever had the pleasure to stay in. During a couple of days we pretended we lived in the most stylish home, we felt special and we wished life could always be so easy and fun. Oh, SP34… we’ll be back!


  1. What a lovely little hotel. I’ll bear it in mind if I plan another trip to Copenhagen (not on the cards at the moment – too many other projects going on). Loving your picture tour. I like all the little details you’ve taken.

      • Stockholm was great! But we couldn’t eat at your meatball place. When we arrived there, they had a sign saying that they were closing the kitchen early! So we went next door and had meatballs there.

    • Hi Michèle! It’s one of the best boutique hotels we’ve ever been too. It’s fun but sober, quiet but has great vibes. And the breakfast is amazing!

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