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Slow food and living market, Rosewood hotel London

We found out that the courtyard of the magnificent Rosewood Hotel in London hosted a wonderful slow food market every Sunday, so not even the windy rainy weather was going to stop us: we were determined to enjoy the delicious scents, the colourful stalls and the natural, tasty products that the market had to offer.

Rosewood_Market_21Rosewood_Market_2The first thing we saw was this amazing flower stall. In fact, the whole market was dotted with the most beautiful flower arrangements that gave a nonchalant rustic feeling to it and looked simply stunning under the rain. This can give you an idea of the attention to detail that they’ve put in this little market.
Rosewood_Market_16Rosewood_Market_13But let’s focus on the most important detail: produce. Rural farmers and artisans present the finest regional seasonal products: from eggs and meat to fruit and vegetables, the obvious choices in a farmers market, to the most amazing raw chocolates, honey beers, lavender creams and hand roasted coffee.

Rosewood_Market_23Rosewood_Market_4Rosewood_Market_5All the merchants have been carefully selected for their exceptional quality. They are passionate about their work so it was a pleasure talking to them and discovering their work.
Rosewood_Market_22Rosewood_Market_17Rosewood_Market_6Rosewood_Market_12But if you have been reading The slow pace for a while, you should know that we go crazy for three things: baked goods, cheese and chocolate. Well, guess what we took home…
Rosewood_Market_20Rosewood_Market_10Rosewood_Market_9Rosewood_Market_11Rosewood_Market_7Rosewood_Market_18Rosewood_Market_8All I can say is that I was so happy finding a new sea salt chocolate that I even got instagrammed while buying it. And that little box of chocolates? Well, it didn’t make it to the airport.

This exquisite market hidden in Holborn is the perfect plan for a lazy Sunday. Even though it’s not as big or well known as other farmer’s market in London, it sure offers the finest produce and has the nicest atmosphere. So if you happen to be in London next Sunday, grab a cup of coffee and spend your morning walking through the stalls, tasting the most authentic flavours and learning that eating healthy and appreciating what nature produces is more fashionable than any new restarant in the city.


    • You should! It’s a small market but it’s really lovely. And the vendors are really chatty which is nice because you’ll learn a lot!

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