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European weekend getaways

You know we love spending our weekends abroad. It’s one of the perks of living in Europe: in a couple of hours you can be enjoying a cocktail overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, skiing or learnin ancient history in one of its multiple archaeological sites. For us, Europe has it all. But sometimes can be overwhelming. So many destinations, so little time. Here you have a few ideas to help you decide your next weekend getaway:

If you want to come back home with sunkissed skin…

Comporta: Atlantic charm, uncrowded golden sand, surf, fields of rice and delicious grilled fish at Ilha do Arroz. No better place to stay than Sublime Comporta.

Mykonos: quiet days and long fun nights. Wonderful sunsets sipping cocktails at Cafe Veranda, delightful afternoons of shopping, mornings at the beach and daytrips to Delos. Book a room at Hotel San Giorgio.

If you want a city break…

Antwerp: fashion and design, excellent concept stores, bicycles, diamonds and chocolate. Stay at Hotel Julien and don’t forget to try the best frites at Frituur No 1 (Corner of Hoogstraat and Oude Koornmarkt).

Munich: surrisingly, one of the most stylish cities in Europe. Splurge and book your stay at Kempiski hotel, spend your nights at the theater or ballet and your days visiting one of its many museums. Don’t forget to save some time for a proper bier garten experience, though.

If you want landscapes and nature:

La Palma: from vulcanic landscapes to lush woods, this island is pure magic. Enjoy long nights looking at the stars (you won’t find a better place to admire star-filled skies) and spend the days exploring its colonial style villages. offers the best Spanish hospitality.

Lake district: this area of Austria will make you forget everything and twirl like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. Hike, hike, hike and chose Hallstatt as your headquarter.

Of course, Paris is always a good idea, London is perennially vibrant, Venice is the most beautiful place on Earth and Formentera has the best beaches in Europe.  So, which is your European weekend getaway of choice?

Happy weekend!


  1. Now I have the urge of visiting (or re-visit) all those places! I’ll have to write them down and cross them off one weekend at a time now ^^

    As a tip for Munich. From all the Biergartens I visited, the best by far was Hirschgarten. Most locals go there, is one of the biggest, and like in most beer gardens in Bayern, depending on where you seat you can bring your own food (tables with table cloth you’ll have to order from their menu)!

    • Now we just want to head to the beach and Comporta is reeeeeaaaaally high on our bucket list!
      Thanks for the tip about Munich! I almost forgot you lived there!

  2. I’ve stayed at the Hotel Julien in Antwerp ! And yes, I agree with you that London is perennially vibrant … but then I am biased.

  3. Do you now Suedtirol in north italy? My home! Is very beautiful ! In summer but in more in wenter with snow!! Ciao ciao

    • I’ve always wanted to visit! My family comes from Veneto so I know that area very well, but presicely for that reason I never visit other areas of Italy!

  4. Dear Slow Pace, glad that you enjoyed Comporta and are recommending this stunning place to your readers.
    The Travel Guide, just may make their journey’s more enjoyable. Come back soon

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