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Lena Hoschek

Our dearest friends are getting married in a month and we still have nothing to wear. Panic. They have planned a classic glamourous night wedding that is going to be so much fun. We just can’t wait! But again, we have nothing to wear. Well, I know that P. is going to find a stunning gown the minute she looks for it. She is tall and slim and everything looks just perfect on her. Unfortunately, that’s not my case. I’m curvier and petite. The result? Shopping is not easy for me. But after looking and looking (and looking a little bit more) I’ve found a brand that embraces femininity: Lena Hoschek.

While I’m all for minimalistic, Scandi, casual looks for my everyday life, when it comes to special occasions I go crazy for retro, classic, glamorous pieces. And besides, that’s the look that flatters my silhouette the most. That’s why I almost cried (of happiness) when I saw those dresses. And you are not going to believe it: they are on sale! ( 1, 2, 3 & 4). The only problem? There’s no store near Bremen and even though I’m a massive fan of online shopping, in this case I want to try on the dress before I buy it. Anyway, if you like that kind of full skirt, tiny waist, classic Sofia Loren look, I’m sure you will love this black dress, this amazing black coat or this embellished pencil skirt.
Lena_Hoschek_DayAnd since I love most of her cocktail dresses, I’ve been browsing her online shop and I’ve discovered a few day- appropriate pieces that might make me step away from my boyfriend jeans and grey sweaters. Just might. I’m not sure… But, oddly enough, the African inspired prints of her latest collection look suddenly more appealing than my usually monochromatic wardrobe. I don’t know. Maybe I’m on holiday mood? In any case, she produces in Europe and she collaborates with a great project to provide clean drinking water and to improve health and hygiene standards for people living with HIV and AIDS. So nice clothes and great philosophy… I might dare, step out of my comfort zone and make a little bit space in my wardrobe for one of these oh so feminine little numbers (1, 2, 3 & 4).

PS. Remember that you can benefit from a 20% off in all the AB Jewellery  pieces with the code TSP2015!

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