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What’s new, London?

You know what they say: when man is tired of London, he is tired of life. Well, we can’t agree more. London always offers something new, interesting and exciting. No matter how many times we visit London, we are always surprised: by an exhibition, a restaurant, a trend, a view… It can definitely be overwhelming but with the help of our friends and a slow-paced (wink!) approach, we try to take it easy and let the city surprise us. If you follow us on Instagram you probably know that we spent last weekend in London. So here you have the mandatory post with are our latest discoveries in this fascinating city: london_may_2015_11london_may_2015_10London Southwark: the vibe and the food market are fun and relaxed and not as hip as Shoreditch, which we find a little bit too much for us. We are not that cool… Anyway, stay tuned because we will publish a whole article about the Southwark food market! london_may_2015_16london_may_2015_9london_may_2015_17Waterloo Bridge has (probably) the best views in London. Rain or shine. Right or left. london_may_2015_12london_may_2015_5london_may_2015_8Fact: the same pictures are different every time. It seems like the city is always changing, moving, adapting. However, it’s the same old London everythime. It’s encouranging and welcoming. Something we’ve only seen in Madrid. london_may_2015_1This is not new, but it deserves a moment anyway: the Ebi Bites in Sticks and Sushi are THE BOMB. And they taste even better when they are washed down with cocktails on a Saturday at 15 p.m. after spending the whole morning in the National Gallery. We’ve realized that the National Gallery is our very favourite museum in London. Together with the Tate Modern, that is. london_may_2015_3london_may_2015_2The Mayflower is the best pub in London. We have to come back just for those cheese platters! We spent a great Friday night with our friends in this lovely pub, which happens to be the oldest pub on the river Thames. It has a great terrace overlooking the river and a classic dark wooden interior. You better book because it’s tiny!london_may_2015_4 london_may_2015_14Even if it’s pouring, you must never miss the chance of walking aimlessly and getting lost in London. This time we explored Soho and we found a wonderful place to eat (more on that next Monday!) and a fabulous court yard with the best shops in the area: Ham Yard Villagelondon_may_2015_19


London is always trendy and absolutely design-focused, so it’s no surprise that it hosts one of the most avantgard, curated and evocative jewellery line: Eiger. We discovered some of its pieces in the Design Museum and we couldn’t love them more! london_may_2015_18
Spending a few days in London is the best way to get inspired, don’t you think?

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  1. What a great article and beautiful pictures. As a Londoner, I think you talk about the best bits from inside, love it! x

  2. I will never be tired of London. As a matter of fact I’m thinking of moving there.

  3. I love the perspective of that first photo – seeing the clock through the wheel ! And I love Sticks & Sushi. You’ve just reminded me that I have not been there recently.

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