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May wish list

We went to London last weekend. We had a wonderful time, but my back was killing me most of the time. Why? Because I carried a huge bag with me. The problem is that when I look for/buy bags I only think about my everyday life from Monday to Friday and always forget weekends. So I end up with tote bags or huge purses where the 1.500 things I need on a daily basis fit perfectly. And since I don’t have any nice medium/small size bag for the weekend, I usually carry around all that stuff on weekends and trips too. Bad, bad, bad. (Does that happen to you too?)

That’s why if I have to spend my money on one thing this month, that’s going to be a medium-sized bag. And here are my options:

1. The terribly trendy Drew bag by Chloé: I got the feeling that it’s going to become a classic. So the cost per wear will justify the splurge.

2.  A very similar version within a more affordable price range. Claire by Michael Kors.

3.  The “absolutely not my average choice but oh I just love it” bag. Emmanuelle by YSL.

4.  Another bag by YSL. Pretty discreet and wearable. But is it too discreet for that price tag?

5.  This one just goes with just about everything and it’s so Spring-y, isn’t it?

6. A pretty color to bright up my otherwise monochrome outfits.

7. The fun bag for holidays and Spring / Summer getaways. It makes me think about Ibiza.

8. And finally, the bag that I really, really want.



  1. What funny timing – I have just become obsessed with the idea of a perfect medium sized bag! Will definitely take these under consideration – thanks!

    • Are you a huge purse kind of girl like I am? I just throw everything in them and carry a lot of weight around! Um… now that I think about it, maybe it count as weigh lifting? ;) These medium sized bags are great, but the last one is my favourite!

      • I am! And it absolutely counts as weight lifting. I have a couple of teeny ones for gigs/dancing, but I am beginning to think that medium is the way forward. Even if it would mean having to actually go to the gym now ;-)

    • It is, right? It’s so out of my comfort zone, but is definitely a great choice to add a pop of colour to any outfit!

  2. I like number 5 because it is practical and number 6 because it is a fun colour. But I’m like you. I carry the same bag that fits everything, everywhere!

    • Hello Alice! I love it too, but maybe it is too Summer, don’t you think? I don’t know… I have my eyes and heart on the neutral Mansur Gavriel bucket bag…
      Thanks for passing by!

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