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Nude nails

This Spring I’m changing a little bit my nail game. While I always gravitate towards bright pinks and corals during these (slightly) warmer months, I can’t get enough of nude shades lately. In my mind nudes used to equal classic French Manicure, which I’m not a fan of. But now I believe that a nice matte nude can be quite a statement.
It all started with Essie Marshmallow, a warm white with pink undertones, and Essie Sugar Daddy, the ultimate ballerina pink. I just love how they make my hands look clean and polish.
After that I wanted to try a soft light brown/ caramel -ish nude and I found Maybelline Color Show in Latte. I have to confess that I went for Maybelline because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a color I didn’t know I’d like, but to be honest, the quality of the formula is pretty good and I love the shade, so I repurchased it instead of looking for a more expensive brand, though the packaging could use some improvement.
Finally, during a recent trip to Hamburg I found UNE C01. This brand claims that 82% of the ingredients used in their nail polishes are natural. That sounds appealing, right? I doubted about its quality, though. But I was wrong: it’s really (but really) longlasting and the color is perfection. I need three coats to achieve that perfection actually, but apart from that, I can’t recommend it enough.
So here’s my tip for Spring: nude nails and dainty jewellery. Subtle but beautiful.


    • It’s really beautiful and long lasting!!! And it’s kind of good for your nails so… Definitely a good buy! ;)

    • Absolutely! I would normally go for reds to achieve a chic elegant look but now I’m loving the nude statement nail!

    • To be honest, I’ve only used their nail polish. Are the other products nice? Which one would you recommend?
      Thanks for yoru comment, by the way!

  1. I’m so interested in the 82% natural ingredients in the UNE C01 polish! Too bad I’ve never seen it in Toronto. I love all the nudes you mentioned! ❤

    • UNE is quite difficult to find… I’ve been googleing a little bit and I think they don’t sell in Canada. Sorry! There is another brand that sells kind of natural nail polishes: Kure Bazaar. Maybe you find that one?

  2. Nude is so tricky. It needs to be the perfect colour: not to pink and not to beige.
    But it is the perfect colour for a day.

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