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Stockholm sunsets

Sometimes we feel nostalgic about those places we’ve visited, those moments we’ve lived abroad. These pictures make us feel that way. Sunsents tend to have that effect on us. That warm light over an urban landscape has something calming, comforting and encouraging, even empowering. It’s addictive. We want to keep travelling and enjoying quiet sunsets over new exciting places.
Stockholm_Sunset_2Stockholm_Sunset_6Stockholm_Sunset_11Stockholm_Sunset_10Stockholm_Sunset_13Those colours, from pink to bright orange, the golden shades and the crispy air that anounced the night made our last hours in Stockholm magical.
Stockholm_Sunset_3Stockholm_Sunset_4Stockholm_Sunset_5Stockholm_Sunset_14With this post we finish our Stockholm series. We hope you’ve liked this new chapter of our particular European slow-paced travel guide. Tonight we are leaving for a new adventure. We are always searching for more moments like these, because even though life can be really tough, a beautiful sunset in a new destination surrounded by your loved ones makes up for everything else.

PS: the coolest hotel and the best meatballs in Stockholm, its beautiful old town, some beautiful pictures and 10 things we loved about Stockholm and 22 photographs to prove it.


    • Muchas gracias!!!! Nos alegra mucho saber que a una sevillana le gustó el post! Intentamos que reflejara la realidad de Sevilla en esos días :)

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