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The overall

During the last couple of years we’ve been seeing overalls everywhere. It started as a shy trend that only fashion victims would wear without looking like toddlers. We saw it in action during Paris Fashion Week 2013 for the first time (look at the fourth picture in this post) but now we can see beautiful, flattering overalls basically in every high street store. So the trend, once again, has become popular among all of us and no Spring/Summer wardrobe seems to be completed without an overall. That’s why we have put together some ideas, so that you can choose the perfect overall for you.

If you run away from colours and like clean cuts, that first white number would be perfect for you. It’s really smart and has the perfect balance between relaxed and sexy.

For those who are a little bit afraif of overalls, this black version could be the perfect chance to face the challenge. The loose top makes it look like a two piece ensemble and it enhances the waist, so it will flatter almost every silhouette.

overall2Of course, we can’t forget the classic denim overall. We love this one because it doesn’t have pockets (which translates into less volume), it has the perfect slightly boyfriend fit and it’s a tad distressed. Casual, comfy and quite cool. Besides, #showmeyourankles.
overall3Another must: the khaki. You can add some neon accents, ethnic touches or just simple black accessories and you will have a different look everytime. Beware: if you don’t accesorize you take the risk of looking like a handyman. So, accessorize please!
overall9If you don’t want to look edgy and you aren’t afraid of prints, these two overalls could be just your cup of tea. They are cute and girly and can be dress down (first picture) or up (second picture).
overal1overall6And who said overalls are only for day time? Here you have two wonderful examples of elegant, night time appropriate overalls. We ave a VIP wedding very soon and we are contemplating the possibility of wearing something like this…
overall7overall8We love this one. It’s perfect. PERFECT.

And now, here comes the surprise: all of these overalls are under 90 euros. They belong to the MANGO Spring/Summer collection. For us, this is perfect because we don’t want to spend a lot of money in this kind of pieces. We prefer to splurge in basic timeless items. But with these affordable overalls, it’s time to embrace the trend!


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