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The basic Spring wardrobe: AYR

Good morning! The sun shines, the temperatures are warm and right now that’s all we need to be happy. That, and a fabulous Spring wardrobe to go with it. Of course, by fabulous we mean monochrome, basic and wearable. No flower prints, no pastels, no 70’s looks for us. That’s why we wanted to share with you the new pieces that AYR has added to its collection. AYR is one of those brands that we absolutely love. Its motto is: good design is always in season. And that’s pretty much what we want to have in our closets. Good quality pieces and edited essentials that last.
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We always gravitate towards the same staples. White shirts, boyfriend jeans, tailored blazers and skinny black pants. And for that, AYR is perfect. We find that the less pieces you have and the more basic they are, the better. It’s easy to be tempted by new trends and beautiful advertisement campaigns but with these kind os pieces you are safe and smart. You can call it a uniform, you can call it boring… but we’d say that it’s something that always work.

The_20Slouchy_Tangier_20Winds_055_OutiftThe_Paradiso_SlipDress_Black_041_4TheDeepV_Limestone_002_OUTFITWe think that this is all you need for a perfect Spring wardrobe. Well, maybe add some stripes because stripes are always a good idea. What about you? Do you follow the trends and buy like crazy in Zara? We sometimes do… what can we say? We’re humans! Or do you prefer a minimalistic closet?


  1. They are good basics to have, and those should always be as good quality as one can afford. But I have to admit that I’m partial to a colour pop and some print in the warmer months.

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