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This weekend we attended The Hive Conference. For those of you who don’t know what it is, let us explain: The Hive is a meeting of pretty awesome people (mostly women) who love sharing beautiful and interesting content online.  So basically we spent two days getting inspired and encouraged. We listened to brands, we were mesmerized by other blogger’s experiences and we had THE BEST time.


For us, the most interesting talks where the ones about branding and business models by the girls of the Scandinavia Standard (those girls can sell you smoke if they want to, what an enthusiasm!) and social media strategy with the lovely Julie from A lady in London (so professional!). We learnt a lot and that’s exactly what we wanted. Consistency, planning and patience were key words. But also positivity: we felt like the world offers endless opportunities and wonderful contacts that are there just waiting for us to enjoy. This weekend has been a bubble of vibrant energy. From the sweet encouragement of My Scandinavian Home to the kind debate proposed by Plique.


We also found tremendously interesting the hours we spent with two publishing houses: one dedicated to high quality books, Callwey, and the other one focused on magazines, Gruner and Jahr. The first one showed us how they create the universe around their books, the aesthetics, the general ideas and the focus on a target audience. Definitely, one of the highlights of the weekend. Would we be brave enough to pitch a book idea? We’ll see…


We stayed at the Scandic Postdamer Platz, the hotel were the conference took place. We chose this hotel because we wanted to sleep a little bit more in the morning (we are that lazy) but it was a very nice choice. The hotel was huge and, even though that was not very appealing to us (you know we prefer boutique accommodations), we had a comfortable stay: the rooms were spacious and colourful, the location was really good (400 m. away from Postdamer Platz) and the staff was really nice. Maybe not your choice if you are looking for a unique experience in Berlin, but definitely a nice option if you want to make the most of the city. The best thing abour the Scandic was, undoubtedly, the sound of birds in the elevators. And the reindeers. You will have to go to find out about the reindeers.

The_Hive_2015_6The_Hive_2015_1We loved meeting other bloggers. We usually don’t get to discuss blogger issues that much, so having the opportunity to chat about SEO, inspiration, followers, photography and life in general with people who shared our interests was refreshing. We wish we could have had more time to grab a coffee with every single one of those creative women. Everyone had a great story to tell. We went back home happy and sad at the same time. Returning to our corporate jobs and our lonely life in Bremen was hard. We also felt exhausted but full of energy, new ideas and projects. (Exhausted because we went out with some friends on Saturday and hit the pillows at 2 a. m. Crazy! By the way, if you go to Berlin make sure you have dinner at Das Lokal (Linienstrasse 160) to savour the best German cuisine with a sophiticated yet rustic twist).

The_Hive_2015_3Sadly, The Hive 2015 is over. But we will be attending The Hive 2016 for sure! It will take place in Dublín so, maybe we see you there? If you have a small blog like ours you should come! You will find new friends, new ideas and you’ll get to take home a 800 gr Nutella jar. Plus a great goodie bag, plus an interesting beautiful book, plus bags under your eyes, plus some hope because the world is a nice place full of beautiful things despite what we see in the news everyday!


  1. Oh wow, this sounds like such an amazing experience. Is it the only one of it’s kind? I’d love to go to one of these conferences one day!

    • Margo you should have come!!! Some other expats were talking about your blog! This is the only conference that I know of in Germany, There are others in UK, but you should come to DuUblin next year!!!!

  2. Sitting here with a major cold reading your lovely account of last weekend. Tanks for making me feel better. And I really enjoyed meeting you. See you in Dublin!

    • Oh, no! I hope you feel better soon! We sure will be attending The Hive next year but if you ever come to Bremen before just let us know!!! (We will take you to the best bakeries ;)

  3. Your review of this blogger event has totally made me reconsider attending one near me. I’ve always been painfully shy in large groups of people I don’t know so I often avoid these kinds of things. Sounds like it might be worth it though. It would be so nice to ramble on and on about bloggy things with people who ‘get it’. :o)


  4. Kaffee und Kuchen says

    Great post! I love the way you described the different brands and speakers in attendance – spot on! I’m already looking forward to Hive 16 in Dublin! :)

    • Thank you!!! We can’t stop talking about Dublin!!! How was your trip Back home? I’m looking forward to your post about the food tour!!!

      • Our goodie bags were bigger than our trolleys!!! I’ll be checking your post tomorrow after breakfast. I’m sure it will make me hungry so I better have breakfast first, no?

  5. I love that yours is the first post up and one that is so happy & enthusiastic. It was so lovely to meet you both – the London contingent can’t wait to see you on a future visit to town. We’d better be meeting up before Dublin!

    • Hi Jess!! But this is not the first one!! Kaffe und Kuchen did a great do’s and don’ts!! She left a comment before, look for the link there! Hope to see you soon!!! The London contingent was the best ;)

    • Hola chicos! Gracias por comentar porque así hemos descubierto vuestro blog! Nos encanta!!! Estilazo y preciosas fotos!!! Tenéis dos nuevas fans desde ya mismo!!! :)

  6. Thank you for coming to The Hive. I’m glad we got to talk a little. I’m with you on the Scandic. I would have never chosen it myself. But I learnt that it is great to sleep at the same place where the conference is being held.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Dublin!
    Make sure you post your article on the list in our Facebook group, so we have all the posts together. Thank you!

    • Hi Yvonne!!!! We can’t enter the Facebook group because we are a magazine not a person in Facebook, I don’t know how to explain it but it’s something like that.
      Anyway, we looooooooooooved the conference. Really, we are still on a bloggers high! ;)
      Please let us know if you would like to grab a coffee with us sometime, we can go to Hamburg and you are more than welcome to come to Bremen. We will show you around!
      We hope you have rested a little bit after all the crazyness and wish you a safe and fun trip to China!!!

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