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10 things we loved about Stockholm and 22 pictures to prove it

Our first visit to Stockholm was almost perfect. I guess that the brilliant sun that shined during the whole weekend helped us seeing the city through joyful glasses. We didn’t visit all the museums, we missed a few sights and we took it extremely easy, so this is not a post about the things you must do or the places you shouldn’t miss. This is just what we loved. If you enjoy slow paced weekends, eating a lot when travelling and staring speechless in front of a beautiful sunset, then keep reading…

Around_Stockholm_9Around_Stockholm_251. Long walks along the promenades: even though it was freezing, we couldn’t help but walking aimless during hours watching the ships come and go, admiring the city’s majestic profiles and enjoying the warm sun in our faces. There was always a nice bridge to cross following the contrast between the blue waters, the green rooftops and the ochre light.
Around_Stockholm_24Around_Stockholm_172. Architecture: oddly enough, Stockholm reminded us of different cities. It had something similar to Kopenhagen, Paris, Amsterdam and even Barcelona. The green roofs and the love for interior design told us that we were in the North of Europe, but the cobbled streets and warm colours of the buildings in the old town brought to our minds certain parts of Rome. Stockholm is as magnificent as Vienna. However, the light and the sea breeze make everything different.
Around_Stockholm_1Around_Stockholm_33. The old town, which deserves a post on its own, so stay tuned.
Around_Stockholm_4Around_Stockholm_54. Meatballs
Around_Stockholm_8Around_Stockholm_215. Sunsets: If you follow us on Instagram (which you probably don’t because we have just a few followers, so feel welcome to click here and follow along!) you would have seen a few shots of gorgeous Stockholm sunsets. The golden hour was beyond beautiful, the light was warm and the reflection on the water was sublime.
Around_Stockholm_18Around_Stockholm_106. Kastellet: this little island was almost deserted but had the most amazing 360º views.
Around_Stockholm_7Around_Stockholm_117. Boats: we are looking forward to coming back in Summer to jump on one of those boats that take you to the little islands that surround Stockholm. This time we enjoyed watching the drowsy vessels waiting patiently for Summer.
8. Streetlamps: surprisingly beautiful.
Around_Stockholm_13Around_Stockholm_169. Fotografiska Museet: we were really lucky and arrived just in time to visit the Herb Ritts exhibition on the very last day. It was absolutely stunning. We saw iconic images, modern classics that elevated sensuality and elegance. After a couple of hours we went up to the upper floor and had a coffee with a view. We could even see our hotel on the opposite shore!
Around_Stockholm_22Around_Stockholm_26Around_Stockholm_2Around_Stockholm_1910. Wiener café: On Sunday we had a hearty breakfast and therefore hunger surprised us after the usual lunch time. We were afraid of not being able to find a nice place to grab a bite (oh, tragedy!) but we found this café. We ordered a burger and a club sandwich with plenty of French fries. Delicious! In fact, that club sandwich was the best one I’ve ever had. There were people enjoying a quite good looking afternoon tea and we were tempted with fabulous pastries and petit fours. This place is also perfectly located among some of the nicest shops in Biblioteksgatan!Around_Stockholm_14


    • Stockholm was on our bucket list for a long time and we are so happy that we finally got to visit! It’s stunning, really. And we’ve heard that it is even more beautiful during Summer!

    • I’ll cross my fingers! I hope you have a nice sunny getaway! Next week we’ll be posting our favorite spots in the old town. But don’t miss the Fotografiska Museet, I think you’ll love it! It’s not as famous as the Vasa Museet or the Nordiska Museet and obviously it doesn’t cover any history memorabilia, but it deserves a visit. The tickets cost about 13 euros (I think it’s quite cheap) and it has a wonderful shop with fantastic photography books ;)

  1. Bette says

    Thanks for so many beautiful photographs, especially the ones featuring the glistening water.

  2. This is exactly what I hoped Stockhold would be – a mix of that old, beautiful architecture with new hip/urban. I love it.

    • We were looking forward to visiting Stockholm for a very long time!! It’s a very lovely city, Try to visit in Summer, though. I’ve heard that it’s really better with those long days and warmer temperatures!

  3. So happy to hear you like Sthlm, my home town, it doesn’t matter where I live, Sthlm will always be home. I think you’ve captured it well! Do visit again when it’s warmer and don’t forget to jump on a boat from the city to the archipelago, e g Sandhamn. Caroline

    • You are a lucky girl! Stockholm is beautiful! Yes, we want to go back and have some boat trip around the archipielago!!! Any tips?

    • I hope you do! It’s a really cool city! It took us foerever to be able to visit Stockholm but sometimes you have to wait until the right moment comes!

    • We wanted to visit Stockholm for the past four years… so yes, it was in our bucket list for a while too! By the way, we’ve loved your Lisbon photo diary! And you have a great style!

    • Well, it really is quite pricey, but just like Kopenhagen or London… And it’s really beautiful so it deserves the splurge ;)

  4. I’ve always wanted to visit here, looks like a fantastic place. Great photos by the way :)

    • Thank you, Eden! Stockholm is simply beautiful! We hope to go bak in Summer to enjoy a few boat trips around the islands!

    • Thanks for your comment! We’ve been having a look at your blog and it’s on point! Those Topshop stripey “pijamas” are amazeballs!

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