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Direction Marseille

When we like something we stick with it. Fashion wise that can look quite boring, but we  like to think that we are consistent and in tune with our lifestyle. That’s why our favorite brands appear repeatedly on this blog. We are loyal. But how not to when they show us again and again exactly what we want to wear? They seem to get us. We want wearable, discreet, polished but casual and almost monochrome. Sézane has recently presented their Spring collection and we’ve fallen for their delicate shirts, clean lines and amazing sandals. We even love a pair of golden shorts, that even if quite daring, seem like a possible statement for warmer nights. 
Dress + shirt combinations… sezane2 sezane3Denim, white and leo print sandals…  sezane4The golden shorts …sezane5Some subtle prints… sezane6 sezane7Little black dresses paired with tan sandals… sezane8 sezane9And the most beautiful sandals for the new season… If you want them run, they are almost sold out! sezane10 sezane11What do you think? Do you find it charming or boring? Would you wear those golden shorts?


    • Hi Vicky! Sézane have amazing collections but this one is specially pretty!
      Happy Easter to you too and thanks for passing by!!!

  1. Por favor qué sandalias más bonitas… Aunque lo que de verdad me ha enamorado ha sido la segunda camisa: maravilla.

    Yo la veo de esa ropa que sí, es sencillita (hasta un poquito aburrida), pero con la que te sientes muy bien vestida y eso, se transmite… (¿me explico?)

    Un saludo!

    • A que son preciosas? Pues ya están agotadas. Umpf. Ese tipo de ropa (te explicas perfectamente) es la mejor. Discretita pero cómoda y con encanto!

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