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Au Naturel

Another palette? Yes, but this is different. Lancôme Absolu Nude Palette is the ultimate travel palette. It’s supposed to have everything you need for a no-makeup makeup in small sizes and with a compact packaging, therefore Lancôme claims it is perfect for travelling. So when two of my passions collide, beauty and travel, I have to see what comes out of it.  The palette covers almost everything you need: you can conceal and highlight, you can choose from eight different eyeshadow that go from neutrals to black, you can groom your brows and you have two lip products to choose. But let’s see if it really is everything you need when travelling…

As you can see, you will have to add your product of choice to improve your complexion. In my case a light CC cream. But honestly, no palette can have a foundation that suits every skin tone. So we understand.

Next step: concealers. You will find the Beige Clair 02 and Beige 03. Both have a very creamy texture that blends beautifully. I would say that the lighter shade is perfect to illuminate and the darker shade is the real concealer. The quality is outstanding and you can easily use your fingers to apply it. The Compact powder translucide 01 is perfect to set your concealer. But I will recommend using a small brush because that tiny sponge won’t do the work. It’s cute, but not very useful.

Time to blush and contour: the Blush Highlighter Rose 01 is basically a highlighter. As such, it adds a gorgeous light if you apply it on the top of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and the cupid’s bow. Do not use it as a proper blush, though. When it comes to contour, there’s no bronzer nor a matte eyeshadow that you could use for contouring. So, you’ll have to add two product to your makeup bag: a blush and a bronzer.


Eyes: here’s where the palette stands out. The little pencil for eyes and brows has the perfect ashy brown to make your brows look great. I think it could look nice on almost every shade of brow, unless you are Scandinavian blonde. In that case it might be too dark for you. (Here you can see my eyebrows done with just that pencil and a little amount of clear brow gel. In case you don’t know me, I’m the one with glasses. Hello!). The eight eyeshadows (white duo, ombre hypnose pink, gold, pink quad, taupe quad, brown, dark grey quad, black quad) are absolutely stunning. They blend heavenly and the pigmentation is pretty good. I always use a primer because my eyelids can get a little bit greasy, so they stayed put the whole day. I combined the pink quad, taupe quad and brown shades for a day appropriate smoky eye. The brush is a little bit limited, but you can work with it and your fingers. If you are an eye liner fanatic, you can use the black shade as a softer substitute and you’ll be quite happy with the result. Add to your make up bag an angled brush and you’re good to go. Disclaimer: All the eyeshadows except the black one are on the shimmery side, so if you are a matte fan maybe look for another palette.

To brighten up your eyes, apply the lumière defatiguante pencil on your waterline. I was happily surprised by this pencil. It is a weird mixture of white and grey with a lavender undertone that looks beautiful on the eye. And finally, lashes. Oh my! That travel size Mascara Virtuose is amazing. I’m even thinking about buying the full size version because it did wonders for my lashes with just one coat. So as far as eyes are concerned, this palettte has you covered.

Finally lips:  I love a good nude lip, so I loved L’Absolut Nu solid lipcolour 203. It’s a dark pinky slightly brown tone that looks absolutely natural. It improves your natural lip color adding a bit of depth. This color looks also wonderful on the cheeks, so maybe you won’t need that blush after all! Back to the lips: Then I tapped a little bit of the shimmery lip gloss on top to create the illusion of fuller lips. In my opinion, this lip look is perfect for a smoky eye, whether it is a day time brown or a night time deep grey / black. You can achieve both looks with this palette, so I don’t see the need of taking another lipstick with you. Maybe for on the run touch ups you can add some lipstick to your make up bag. Just one negative comment on the lip situation: the lip brush was terrible. Do you see that schratch on the solid lipcolour? That was the brush. Too harsh.

So, all in all, I’d say this palette is great. Unfortunately you can only buy it in your airport so… you better book a flight right now! Add your foundation of choice, bronzer, brow gel and a lipstick to touch up and you won’t need anything else in your next trip. In a couple of weeks we’re going to Berlin and this is all I’m taking with me! (Beautywise, of course ;)


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  2. judy jennings says

    I treated myself to this last year on the flight really is an amazing pallette.very natural looking finish to make up. Looks really good on my skin which is fair. As I am an older lady (50,s), it is perfect.just the right amount of subtle colours!.

    • I totally agree. It looks wonderful on every skin/ every age because it’s so subtle. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment!

  3. Mkrass says

    Great article! Any idea where I can buy this without flying? Maybe Lancome has a similar product for the “normal” market?

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