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Hotel Skeppsholmen. Stockholm

This is going to be a long post, we warn you. Grab a drink and discover with us this fantastic hotel in the center of Stockholm. We will show you its relaxed atmosphere, some pictures of the incredible food they serve in the restaurant and, of course, expect plenty of rambling about the breakfast buffet.

Hotel_Skeppsholmen_19We booked this hotel because it looked nice but we hadn´t actually read any review. Sometimes we are crazy like that. No Tripadvisor, just our gut. Afterwards, while preparing our trip, we read that Max Fraser (journalist, curator and author of the London Design Guide) recommended just one hotel in Stockholm, and it was the Skeppsholmen hotel. Score. What can we say? We have a gift to find the best hotels. We actually do. Anyway, we would go back to Stockholm just to stay in this hotel. The vibe is really casual, don’t expect great luxury and bellboys. It’s a place to feel welcome, eat a lot (it’s imposible to resist to their amazing homemade breakfast and be careful with the candy assortment you’ll find in your room) and relax on the lovely terrace overlooking the garden and the sea.
Hotel_Skeppsholmen_17Hotel_Skeppsholmen_14This hotel is located in the middle of a tiny island a ten minute walk away from the city center. It’s surrounded by woods and next to the Moderna Museet. If you see a map of Stockholm, Skeppsholmen is that small green island in the middle. It’s a place to feel relaxed but still connected with what’s on. The building was built in 1699 and has a curious historic background. You will find some nice stories in every room. This is not your average hotel and you feel it the minute you are greeted at the reception desk. Hotel Skeppsholmen is the definition of cool, hip and upgraded casual style.

Hotel_Skeppsholmen_21And talking about upgrades, we were kindly offered a sea view superior room upon arrival and we couldn’t help but smile when we entered the room. The decor was simple, with soft tones dotted with yellow touches. The room was spacious, had three big windows overlooking Kastellholmen and a fantastic bathroom with Orla Kiely amenities.

Hotel_Skeppsholmen_1Hotel_Skeppsholmen_18A special mention to what we found inside the wardrobe: lots of candy and spare underwear. Honestly, only that candy box was worth the trip to Stockholm. And the underwear? All black, as you would expect.


Since we arrived on a Friday afternoon we had already booked dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, Langa raden, in order not to loose any time. We changed our clothes, put a little bit of lipstick and headed downstairs to the dining room. The atmosphere felt special. We were obviously excited to be in a new city, in such a wonderful hotel, but I can assure you this is the kind of restaurant we would choose for an anniversary dinner or any other important happy occasion. No tablecloths, just wood, candles and tiny vases with green branches.


Hotel_Skeppsholmen_6The waiter put in front of us a huge basket with different kinds of bread and a heavenly soft mousse textured butter that disappeared within minutes. We love a good old bread basket. While it was difficult to concentrate (the bread basket was  distracting) we managed to listen to the specials and finally decided on the sirloin and the traditional Swedish dumplings.

Hotel_Skeppsholmen_8The meat was grilled perfectly with that familiar charcoal flavour that announces Summer barbacues and family gatherings. It came with a delicious mustard sauce (that in case we have had any bread left we would have dunk in shamelessly) and potatoes. Hotel_Skeppsholmen_9


The dumplings were our first contact with the traditional Swedish cuisine and they were spectacular: filled with porcini mushrooms, served with Präst cheese foam, pickled carrots and roasted hazelnuts. And we finally got to eat lingonberries! Frankly, our first night in Stockholm couldn’t have been any better. We went back to ou room and fell asleep looking forward to the views we would see in the morning.


And the sun woke us up gently. We jumped to see the views and we found a beautiful postcard. The frosted grass of the gardens was shining, some boats were bobbing quietly on the water and  we could see the Fotografiska Museet on the other shore. Waking up to those views felt like a gift. We were blessed with a wonderful sunny weather during our whole stay so every morning we enjoyed that amazing feeling of cuddling under the white fluffy duvet while peeking through the windows, letting the sun in, talking about what we were going to see that day and what we were going to eat for breakfast. Because this hotel offers a wonderful breakfast (and free Wi-FI connection to Instagram it) with every booking. So, let’s focus on our favorite meal of the day, even more if we are on holidays: breakfast.

Hotel_Skeppsholmen_24 Hotel_Skeppsholmen_30 Hotel_Skeppsholmen_29 Hotel_Skeppsholmen_28 Hotel_Skeppsholmen_27 Hotel_Skeppsholmen_26 Hotel_Skeppsholmen_25First of all, the decor was the dream of any Pinterest maniac. Rusic, tasteful yet simple, with plenty natural light. From the award winning scrambled eggs to the cinnamon toast bites, everything was beautifully displayed. The warm dishes were kept in beautiful Le Creuset Dutch ovens, you could choose between every kind of bread imaginable, several fresh squeezed juices were waiting to be drunk in beautiful jars, the most amazing selection of cereals and muesli, cold meats, and teas were there for you to savour… It was a dream. Absolutely one of the best hotel breakfasts we’ve ever seen (and devour). The fruit salad seasoned with fresh mint was to die for and I’m determined to add fresh mint to all my fruit salads from now on. And we loved that they offered 8 and 4 minutes boiled eggs. So you can choose.

Hotel_Skeppsholmen_16We loved our walks by the sea to the city center, the peace that you could breathe in the gardens, the incredible views and the cool atmosphere of the bar before dinner. Every night we would order a couple of drinks and spend a couple of hours at the bar. It was really nice and quiet. Couples playing chess while sipping a glass of red wine, a few business men working on their laptops, a Japanese woman organizing her trips in her Moleskine… The perfect place to write a little bit, read and relax after a day exploring. But if you are more the party type, the hotel offers to all their guests free entrance to Café Opera, Stockholm’s hottest night club.

We will remember our stay dearly. After a particularly hard month for us, Stockholm and Hotel Skeppsholmen helped us recover our lust for life. In this hotel you will feel unique, one of the cool kids. Maybe a sophisticated nonchalant adult? In any case, you will feel spoilt and cocoon by the soft duvets, the fluffly bathrobes, the dark grey carpeted corridors, the subtle music of the restaurant and the soft light that reflects on the water and gives that beautiful almost dreamy atmopshere.

Hotel Skeppsholmen
Gröna gången 1, Box 1616
111 86 Stockholm


    • We had Stockholm in our bucket list for a long time, it was difficult to find the moment to go but we finally did it! It would have been better to go in Summer, but well, we were really lucky with the weather and we had a wonderful time!

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