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Thinking about Summer…

Every year in May we head to the beach. A couple of years ago we spent the most wonderful time at Belavista Hotel in Algarve and last year we escaped to Ibiza and Formentera for a couple of weeks of pure relax. So at the moment we are planning this year’s beach getaway. The thing is that around this time of the year our muscles need sun, our skin needs a little bit of salt and our toes need sand. We long for the sound of the seagulls and the smell of coconut lotion mixed with the sea breeze. We basically need to fast forward to Summer. So what are we doing lately to keep up with this beachy anxiety? Look for flights and nice sandals.

You know we are all about basics and naturals. While browsing Reef’s website we’ve found some really nice numbers that are just right up our alley. We look for something nice, relaxed and comfortable. Just as Summers should be. And we’ve put together a selection for you (and for us):

1, 2, & 3 are the updated version of the old time classic flip flop. Adding a Missoni-esque strip, a tad of leo print and a lovely bright braid you’ll get a much nicer yet still simple sandal that paired with denim shorts and a white tee will give you the perfect nonchalant beachy look. Can you picture it? I’m sure you are getting the good vibrations…

4 & 6 are that step in the middle between the beach and the afternoon ice cream with friends. Multitasking sandals: an excellent choice for a hand luggage only getaway.

5 is an unexpected Celine alike pair of sandals that combined with a black cotton dress will help you achieve a minimalist modern look.

Finally, 7 & 8 are the cutest shoes for those morning walks to the market, day trips or casual light dinners al fresco. Denim dresses are going to be the big hit of this Summer and both these options would be their perfect couple.

So now we still have to decide our destination. We are thinking Greek islands… Any recommendations?

PS: This post was sponsored by Reef. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that make The slow pace possible.


  1. I’m not a fan of flip flops…really I’m not. The sound alone drives me nuts :)
    However sandals are a must and No. 5 look great!

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