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The classics

Jenna Lyons is our ultimate style icon so her style tips and recommendations are our wardrobe Bible. Yesterday we were browsing the JCrew page (as usual) and we found her selection of classic pieces. We weren’t surprised: timeless basic items that we all can wear, no matter where we live our what we do. She included the following staples in her list and we thought it would be fun to share and find out which classics should we own:

– The navy suit: checked! We have a couple of navy suits by The Kooples. Not your average suit maybe… but they are lovely.

– The blazer: checked! We have the classic black version, the navy version, the red version and even a striped version. We’ve been looking for a white version for a while now but it’s a difficult task. White fabrics are naughty.

– The jean jacket: checked! We have a very old jacket that we would love to call vintage, but it would be stupid. It’s simply old.

– The red lip: checked! While P. is not a fan, I’d say it’s one of my signature looks. Maybe I should do a post about my red lipstick collection…

– The stripe shirt: checked! Our favorite stripe shirts are these ones from COS.

– The tote: oh – oh. We need a good classic tote. This one from JCrew is fantastic.

– The V-neck tee: checked! We are crazy about the Jacksonville tee by American Vintage.

– The strappy sandal: checked! Sadly, we don’t get much wear out of these. German weather. Ugh!

– The cashmere tee: too high mantenance for us. We know it’s an investment piece but we hate hand washing.

– The white sneaker: checked! We love our custon made Stan Smiths, we struggle with white Supergas and we’ve bought a fair amount of white Converses in the last years.

– The trench: checked! I love mine, P. love hers.

– The broken – in chino: Dear Jenna, we’ll have to agree to desagree on this one.

– The button-down shirt: checked! We can’t live without a white shirt. Cos has great basic white shirts with a twist. I’ll admit that I have a soft spot for light blue shirts, though.

– The boyfriend jean: checked! Lazy dressers like us have at least couple of boyfriend jeans in their wardrobes.

We’ll add three more items to the list: a nice pair of black pants, a pointy mid heel black shoe and a grey sweater. What about you? How many classics have you checked?

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  1. Hmm, there are a few that aren’t really me – jean jacket, striped shirt, cashmere t-shirt (agree with you re maintenance!), trench, and broken in chino. I don’t have boyfriend jeans, but never really found one that suits me. I like the look. The rest are all checked !

  2. When I grow up I want to be like Jenna! She once wore amazing sequin pants and strappy heels. I was totally in love. Still am.

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