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Messy hair

Since we chopped our manes we are bonkers for that effortless messy hair look. The only problem is that it actually takes a lot of effort. We basically fake the #iwokeuplikethis with an hour of curling, treating and messing. I know, I know, we shouldn’t admit that we go through all that, but hey, we are humans and we do not wake up like this. If you do, don’t read any further. However, if you need some help in the mornings and you have frizzy hair some days and ridiculously straight hair the rest of the time, have a look at this products that we’ve tested and we use regularly to achieve a natural messy hair look:

Bumble and Bumble hair (un)dressing crème: apply a tiny amount through damp hair. It gives you a rough texture so don’t overdo it. Work with your hands, mess around and let it sit. It gives you that “I’ve just spent a day at the beach” allure.

Oribe Dry texturizing Spray: this product is absolutely amazing. It makes your hair look perfectly messy, with the right amount of volumen and second day hair texture. It’s exactly what you need during those days when your hair is just crazy or absolutely bland. If I had to choose one styling product to use for the rest of my life, this would be it.

And if nothing works, a messy pony tail it is!

PS. A quick solution for a bad hair day and a cute top knot.

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    • Absolutely! It takes me 30 minutes to achieve a no makeup makeup look. Plus almost an hour to look like my hair hasn’t seen a comb in a few days. I’m part stupid, part crazy. I know.

  1. ohhh well this is verrrrry helpful, thank you! where do you find these products in europe? I might have to get dan to do a little recon when he’s back in the US next month!

    • Hi Margo! I’m sure there is a Douglas in Heidelberg and there you will find Bumble & Bumble products. If you don’t see them, ask. In my Douglas they don’t display the Bumble & Bumble products, but they have them. Weird, I know.
      The Oribe texturizing spray (it’s AMAZING) is more difficult to find. I bought it in Space NK in London, I don’t think they sell it in Deutschland :( So I think Dan is going to have a task back in the US!

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