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Chocolate chip cookies bake off

Last week we ate a lot of cookies. A LOT. But it was for research, so it’s ok. We wanted to know which super blogger had the most amazing chocolate cookie recipe and so we baked Emily’s and Naomi’s chocolate chip cookies and tested the results afterwards. Oh the things we do for the blog! Welcome to our first bake off! 

The recipes were practically identical. The differences were the amount of sugar (Naomi’s had less sugar) and the eggs needed (just one in Emily’s recipe versus 2 eggs in Naomi’s).
chocolate_chips_cookies_4These are the cookies that we baked following Naomi’s instructions. The process was the easiest. We mixed all the ingredients together and in 15 minutes the cookies were in the oven.  Voilà!chocolate_chips_cookies_5The recipe said that the dough would turn into a delicious cookie with just 8 to 10 minutes in the oven, but we needed a couple of minutes more. The result was what we expected from an American cookie: flat, a tad gooey on the inside, a bit salty and really nice. We loved them and doubted whether we needed to bake Emily’s recipe. But hey, we were searching for the best cookie so we couldn’t stop there.chocolate_chips_cookies_3As you can see the cookies made following the recipe of Emily’s book turned out very different. I promise that we made the exact same scoops before baking but Naomi’s were bigger afterwards (her recipe had baking poder and Emily’s didn’t, we guessed that’s why). The process was again very easy but we had to leave the dough in the refrigerator for an hour. Then we baked the cookies and the result was spectacular! They tasted better (sorry Naomi) but they also had a lot more sugar so… we felt diabetes coming our way.  chocolate_chips_cookies_2We couldn’t eat all the cookies that day (we tried, though) so we store them for our coffee breaks that week (Disclaimer: last week’s coffee breaks were amazing but now we have to loose at least 2 kilos each. It was worth it, though). However, two days afterwards things changed! Naomi’s cookies were better. They were still tender and fresh while Emily’s went dry and lost some flavour.

I think we have a tie! Now we have two excellent recipes for  different occasions: if we have to bake cookies for a party or any other event where they will disappear quickly, we’ll go for Emily’s recipe. But if we want some cookies to cheer up our coffee breaks during the week, we’ll stick to Naomi’s.

Do you have any special chocolate chip cookie recipe? Share your link in the comments section below and we might try yours!

PS: we’ll have to wait a few weeks, though… we are still on a sugar high!


    • Well, Taza’s recipe is super easy and quick, I bet that if you start preparing it right now, you’ll have a nice batch of cookies in half an hour!

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