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The right clothes for a woman in her 30s

As much as we love casual clothing, sometimes we need to dress up a little bit to attend work related meetings and events. We are lucky enough to work in creative atmospheres where the strict corporate look is not necessary. However, being lazy dressers ourselves is quite easy to end up wearing jeans, flats and sweaters most of the time (guilty as charged). But Spring is coming and we are determined willing to make an effort. Better temperatures always cheer us up and make us want to step up our game, even at the office. But what to wear? We are in our 30s so we have to look the part… Well, take a look at these Gerard Darel proposals. We think they are right choice for a working woman in her 30s. gd3gd4gd5Polished but comfortable, that’s exactly what we look for. And we think these looks tick all the right boxes, don’t they? To be honest, we rediscovered this brand by chance. I remember that my mum used to have some really nice Gerard Darel dresses and I fell in love with this bag a few seasons ago but it wasn’t a brand that I kept in my radar. However, we bumped into it again lately and we thought it was fantastic! And really appropiate for our lifestyle.

And talking about our lifestyle, the following outfits are absolutely right up our alleys… Again: comfy pants, oversize jackets and flats. We can’t help it!gd6gd7gd8But we still want to make an effort this Spring. Let’s see what comes out of it…


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