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4 years

Four years ago we took a plane to Paris, where we were supposed to catch another flight to Bremen. We lost our connection and ended up in Hamburg where, as soon as we got out of the plane, a taxi driver was expecting us to drive us at a ridiculously high speed to Bremen. We arrived at night, exhausted and confused. The following morning we woke up to an empty foggy town. The only sound was the cawing of several huge black crows. We were terrified and thought that moving here was a terrible idea.  Bremen_4years_9Bremen_4years_14Bremen_4years_12We still don’t know if it was a terrible idea… but here we are. Four years later. It has been difficult but we’ve learnt a lot. About ourselves, mostly. I guess that’s the best thing of being an expat: the learning process. Bremen_4years_11Bremen_4years_6Bremen_4years_5Bremen has given us new experiences, like this blog. We have travelled a lot and we’ve discovered writing and photography. Now we love Christmas markets, we eat delicious Flammenkuchen, we light candles at home during these long Winter nights, we prepare huge breakfasts and we work out regularly. We long for Spring, we make picnics, we appreciate every ray of sunshine, we head to the beach every chance we get and we enjoy long walks in the snow. Bremen_4years_20Bremen_4years_18Bremen_4years_19Bremen_4years_17We buy flowers every week, we are more patient, we speak German (sort of), we eat avocado toasts almost every night and we fight with our neighbours about garbage disposal (if you lived in Germany, you’d understand). Bremen_4years_22Bremen_4years_21Bremen_4years_13Bremen_4years_15Bremen_4years_3Bremen_4years_4Bremen_4years_8Bremen_4years_1Bremen_4years_2We have new routines, new favorite restaurants, a couple of new friends and thousands of stories: some of them are funny , most of them are not. To be honest, we are looking forward to starting a new adventure and moving to a big city (we miss pollution, noise and musicals) but for now, here we are. Bremen is our home.


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