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We need this! Malmo bag

It’s been a while since we felt the urge to buy something. Of course we feel really tempted by the Spring Summer collections that are starting to appear in our inbox (exhibit A, B & C) but we haven’t felt that urge, that itchy feeling in our wallets for a while. Then, we found out about the bag that Berta Bernad has designed for Bucarelli and we were sold.

malmoMinimalistic yet classic, just like Berta’s style (which we adore by the way). malmo2Don’t you feel tempted? Imagine how convenient this bag would be for travelling: you could fit almost anything inside, it’s compact, it stands up on its own and has long handels, which is great to avoid the Victoria Beckham’s elbow bag moment. And, the most important thing: it’s black, so you can wear it with just about anything and it will never go out of fashion.  It’s just perfect. Buy it here.

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