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Matsuri, Seville

These gyozas are the best gyozas we’ve ever eaten. And oddly enough we found them in a small japanese restauran in Seville. While Seville is famous because of its traditional Spanish cuisine and, of course, tapas, during the last five years the city has developed a nice taste for international menus. Being La Alameda Seville’s hippest district, there was no better location for Matsuri, a sophisticated yet cosy Japanese restaurant (where you can eat these amazing gyozas).
Matsuri_sevilla_1Matsuri_sevilla_2Matsuri_sevilla_3A beautiful mix of black tiles and Earth tones set the guests in a zen mood. A extremely polite and helpful staff will guide you to your table and through a small but tasteful menu which covers all the Japanese greatest hits: crowd pleasers that are efective, resourceful and really tasty. Exactly what you want to satisfy your Japanese cravings after a few days of jamón ibérico, montaditos and pescaíto frito.
Matsuri_sevilla_4Matsuri_sevilla_5A cold glass of Spanish white wine is the perfect companion to these amazing soft, slightly spicy flavourful gyozas. If you are thinking about sharing a plate, don’t. You will want all for yourself. However you can share a classic tempura, with a crunchy light batter and a delicate sauce.
Matsuri_sevilla_6Matsuri_sevilla_7Matsuri_sevilla_8And talking about classics and crowd pleasers, you can’t simply miss the sushi for beginners, aka California Roll, and a good old tuna tartar. Nothing new, you’ll say. Exactly: the classic avocado touches and creamy textures that you expect, plus that recognizable Japanese flavour that we all want once in a while.
Matsuri_sevilla_9A special mention goes to the Yaki Soba. Don’t judge the book by its cover (or in this case by the sauce extravaganza): the flavours are beautifully balanced and you will end up wanting more.
Matsuri_sevilla_10But leave a little bit of room for dessert. The chocolate mousse with ginger cream deserves all your attention. Its perfect airy texture and its homemade character would be the sweetest way to end a really nice meal.

Matsuri is the place to enjoy a different dinner in Seville. Forget that you are in the tapas kingdom and give these Japanese classics a try. The quiet atmosphere, the lovely staff and the unpretentious yet delicious food are addictive.


Calle del Amor de Dios 88

41002 Seville

Tel: +34 954 90 83 69

PS: the ultimate list to eat like and with locals in Seville.


    • Hola María José! Es un sitio estupendo y muy tranquilo, te lo recomendamos sin duda! Para la noche perfecta, añade unos cócteles en el Bar Americano del Alfonso XIII después :)

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