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We need this! Sandro Spring Summer 2015

Yes, we are talking about Sandro again. But it’s one of our favorite brands so we can’t help it. We love the continuity in their collections: you know that a piece is Sandro when you see it. They don’t design with the new trends in mind, we think. The brand has its own personality.  Sandro_P5098E-20_V_1This season they have included a bright yellow with an orangish undertone in their color palette and we kind of love it. It’s not a shade that you can find in our wardrobes but seeing these pictures, we are willing to try! Besides, we are already tired of this dark Winter, so anything that reminds us of sun, light and happyness is truly welcome. Sandro_P5116E-56_V_1





Sandro_E9803E-56_V_2We love the monochrome pieces, the relaxed cuts,  the flats (obviously) and the fresh fabrics. It looks comfortable and easygoing. Just how we like it. Maybe we can add a little bit of yellow to our staples, it looks tempting…

Have a look at the whole new collection here.

PS. Now I have this song stuck in my mind.


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