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We need this! Universe Sézane

We love brands that not only sell clothes, or makeup or furniture… we love brands that sell a lifestyle, an attitude. They might connect with you or they might connect with the aspirational idea of what you want to be, but in any case they seduce you with a whole universe. Sézane is one of those brands. Browsing their website we have fallen in love with simple pieces for our wardrobe, delightful stationery and beautiful understated decor.

sezan6 sezane 3 sezane1sezane5 sezane8 sezane13Can you imagine the story of this girl? We certainly do… And apart from that casual wardrobe, those lovely scented candles and that perfect messy hair, we want need that house…sezane2 sezane7 sezane9 sezane10 Sezane11 sezane12We can’t help but wonder who is behind that gorgeous styling and atmosphere.

Buy everything or just gather inspiration in their website, Sézane.


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