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Weekend style icons: Kayla

The weather this week has been COLD. We have a couple of very warm coats that are really practical but, let’s face it, they make us look like Eskimos. While looking for some coats online (let’s see if we can find something super warm yet stylish. Difficult task!) we discovered Kayla’s blog, Not your standard. Apparently she lives in Berlin, so she has to understand the terrible German weather, and she has a quite impressive coat collection. Besides, she is the epitome of beautiful glowy skin. Winter inspiration much?
not2 not3 not4 not5 not6 not7 not8Well, she obviously is an advocate of the “showmeyourankles” hasthag. We are more snow boots kind of girls with these temperatures, but she certainly is an inspiration in the coat + cosy knit department.  What do you think? Do you show your ankles or do you show your fluflly socks?

More inspiration and images in her blog Not your standard.

Happy wekkend!


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