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Out and about in Vesterbro

Vesterbro is the hipster area of Copenhagen so that means it is probably the hipsterest place on Earth (apart from Austin, Texas). You would expect beards, plaid shirts and lots of bikes. Well, you’ll find thousands of bikes, but that’s normal in Copenhagen. However, no abundance of beards or obvious trends in sight. Oh no. They are cooler than that.

Subtle, relaxed and extremely polite. That’s Vesterbro.

Vesterbro_8 Vesterbro_6 Vesterbro_3 Vesterbro_1Dotted with an extraordinary amount of hairdressers, nice restaurants and the occasional design boutique, Vesterbro surprises because it’s casual, relaxed and open. You won’t expect feeling so comfortable in such a fashionable, trendy neighbourhood.
While the center of Copenhagen can be overwhelming (everything looks so Scandi-perfect), this area seems to be made for quiet walks, long conversations and careless outfits. Vesterbro is navy while Copenhagen is black.
Vesterbro_5 Vesterbro_4 Vesterbro_9It looks a little bit like De Pijp district in Amsterdam… but cleaner. Sonder Boulevard has a Parisian feel to it, while keeping an independent designer character. Vesterbro feels familiar, cosy and welcoming. Even with the sex shops.
Vesterbro_10 Vesterbro_11After a pleasant stroll, look for shelter and a nice meal in Mother (Høkerboderne 9), Neighbourhood (Istedgade 26) or Cofoco (Abel Cathrines Gade 7). Candle lights always help.


  1. This might seem odd – I think one of my favorite aspects of Copenhagen is their use of cool typography. So clean and fresh. I love it.

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