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5 things that should be mandatory in every hotel

Staying in a beautiful hotel is a wonderful experience. We have been lucky enough to stay in some wonderful boutique hotels but there is always room for improvement. These are 5 things we would love to find in every single hotel:

– Milk and cookies in the room service menu. This should be absolutely mandatory. How many times have you arrived at a lovely hotel late at night, exhausted yet a little bit peckish and all you wanted was a nice comforting glass of milk and cookies before crawling into bed? Never? Oh well, we have experienced that craving lots of times. Milk and cookies is just the perfect midnight snack and I’m sure lots of guests will appreciate it!

– A little courtesy room for that ackward moment when you pick your luggage after making the most of your last morning in your destination and want to rearrange your suitcases. Sometimes you have to do it in the middle of the lobby and it’s not gracious, to say the least. We remember a particularly embarrasing moment when we had to squeeze two HUGE Selfridges bags into our trolleys in the lobby of our beloved Mandeville Hotel in London. Not nice, not nice… Let’s say that even the Concierge was embarrased. In our defense: what else can you do on your last couple of hours a Monday morning in London? Shopping!

– A clear breakfast menu: early morning after a great night sleep. You are feeling super hungry and head to that wonderful hotel breakfast. You are excited to try every single thing but have a shy look (because we all get shy in moments like these), pick a few things and look for a nice little table. You feel like the American movie nerd in the high school cafeteria. Then you start seeing wonderful eggs benedict flying to other tables. After a while you see that your neighbour is sipping a foamy capuccino. Why hasn’t anybody told you that you could ask for egg benedicts and drink sophisticated coffe!!!??? You are sleepy and you need everything clearly stated!!!

– More and better located bathroom hangers: what do you do when you don’t want to keep your towels (because after all you care for the environment) but there are simply no hangers to tidily hang your towels? And if there are any hangers, why are they on the opposite side of the bathroom far far away from the shower?

– Free Wi-Fi. I mean, 2015… and you still charge for Wi-Fi???

What about you? Is there anything you’d like to add?

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    • The towel situation can be tricky… Well at least if there’s no Wi-Fi nobody can upload a pic of you reaching for the towel… ;)

  1. Very nice points. I can fully understand all of these (especially the cookies and milk!). I also hate it when there is no breakfast menu and afterwards you are told that you were able to order the things. Really awkward.

  2. I was laughing at the breakfast comment. I’ve been there more times than I can count!

    And YES! Wifi! I mean, I really get annoyed when I find a hotel that charges, even worse, I just stayed at a huge resort in St Lucia where they didn’t have in room wifi!!!!! I had to go down to the lobby to use it! Craziness.


  3. Thank goodness I’m not the only person who laments there’s nowhere to hang the hand towel in the bathroom! I don’t want to leave it on the bathroom counter. Ew! And how embarrassing when housekeeping doesn’t leave extra toilet tissue … that awkward phone call to the front desk, asking if someone can bring another roll NOW, please! (We’ve been known to hide the half-used roll when we head out for the day, just so we’ll have a back-up roll in case of emergencies!) Isn’t travel fun?!?

    • Such fun! :D and what about that moment when you start cleaning so that the cleaning lady/sir doesn’t think bad of you when she /he comes to the room? Like when your mum came to visit at University!

  4. I vote for cookies! My during my last trip to Chicago, I stayed at the Lowes hotel and I thought the amenities and service was great, but I did have an issue with the lack of close towel rack. Then again, the bathroom was amazing, so didn’t really suffer.
    Texas Jak

  5. I am completely with you on the towel hooks and the wifi!!! So essential. Now, milk & cookies admittedly has never occurred to me. But that sounds so homely and cosy that i agree that hotels should do it.

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