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Nars love or the Christmas surprise

Maybe it’s a little too late for this post (bearing in mind that this morning we were already talking about our Spring wardrobe wishlist) but I love this Nars palette so much that I can’t help myself. This was a special Christmas edition and I didn’t expect to find it under the tree but there it was! The Laser Cut eye, cheek and lip palette. Compact, beautiful and full of possibilities. What intrigued me the most was the famous Laguna bronzing powder. It was finally mine to try…
I have no cheeckbones. Well, I guess I must have them, otherwise my face would be like a round ameba, but you can’t really notice. My face is round like a plate. The kind of round face that can’t pull off a short bob, the kind of round face that doesn’t fit in a selfie. Anyway, I had tried to contour before but it was impossible to make my cheekbones stand out, at least not with my limited make up artist skills. But! A little bit of that Laguna bronzer and voilà! A barely but definitely there cheekbone! It really is miraculous. All those reviews I had read were absolutely truthful. It is magic.
The palette also has a beautiful lip gloss called Dolce Vita which feels and looks super natural and a subtle blush called Day Dream. Pair that blush with the bronzer, add a touch of highlighter and you will not recognize your face. In a good way, that is.
The eye shadows are limited edition as well and oddly enough the colour that has made me fall in love has been the shimmery golden brown that you can see in the middle. It’s just perfect to highlight the inner corner of my eyes. The matte light beige is a good base and the matte army green is surprisingly easy to combine. Not a colour that I would have chosen but definitely a nice option for a different smoky eye.

So my advice today: if you still find it, buy it.


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