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Moodboard: Berlin

In April we’ll be attending The Hive and we couldn’t be more excited! Are you coming too? We can not wait to meet fellow bloggers, learn the secrets of a few influencers and share our passion while networking. Besides, we get to revisit Berlin! You should know that we were surprisingly disappointed the first time we visited Berlin. I guess we had heard so much about it that our expectations were really high. So let’s hope this time we finally see what all the fuss is about. That is, if we have a little time between conferences and workshops.

Moodboard_Berlin_2We are looking for accommodation so feel free to leave your suggetions in the comment section. That means: please share with us your traveller secrets! We are looking for a design boutique hotel or appartment. Something different and charming… Is that too much to ask? ;) And if you know where to find the perfect Currywurst we will really appreciate it!


    • We’ve been once but we were quite disappointed… however, if everyone loves Berlin we have to give it a second chance, no? You should come to The Hive!!! ;)

  1. Ah Berlin! I moved from Amsterdam to Berlin now almost 2 years ago. At first, I also didn’t see what all the fuss was about. Actually, sometimes I still don’t, but in general what I do love about the city is the fact that it has so many different faces. Every district has its own distinct environment and vibe. Plus the street-art is great. Often, the nicest hotspots and boutiques are quite hidden, so you stumble upon them mostly by accident haha ;-). I’ve heard great things about the Michelberger Hotel, maybe that’s worth checking out?

    I’m thinking of coming to the Hive too! Just not sure yet, because I will be super-pregnant by then haha….

    • You should come! Please do! Thanks for recommending The Michelberger, we looked it up a few days ago. It’s really nice but it’s quite far from the area where The Hive will take place. The conferences start at 8,15 so… we need to stay close in order to sleep!!! ;)
      Hope to see you at The HIve!

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