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Hotel de las Letras, Madrid

Hotel de las Letras is elegant, quiet and memorable. Just like a good book. It’s an space devoted to words, with quotes on the walls by famous writers and poets, so the sober atmosphere almost reminds the guests of a library. A very comfortable, kind of hip library, that is. 
hotel_de_las_letras_5hotel_de_las_letras_4hotel_de_las_letras_14We arrived late at night and the contrast between the always noisy Gran Vía and the silent corridors and rooms of the hotel was impressive. That library feeling… The receptionist was really kind so we immediately had a great impression. And he wore a bow tie, that was a nice touch and, again, reminded us of a cool young librarian. We always think that receptionists are key when you want to offer your guests a nice welcome: if we find a rude receptionist I can assure you that we won’t come back! Sometimes that’s the only face you see during your stay so it’s really important, don’t you think? Well, he insisted that we should relax in the sauna and gym but we were in a hurry: we were meeting some friends for dinner. Tomorrow, we said. Obviously we never got to relax in the sauna and the trainers never left our suitcase. But it was nice to know that they offer those services. By the way, who uses hotel’s gyms? Very disciplined people. We always want to… but we never do. Let’s hope that wandering through the cities counts as cardio.
hotel_de_las_letras_16hotel_de_las_letras_18hotel_de_las_letras_17hotel_de_las_letras_21hotel_de_las_letras_3hotel_de_las_letras_1But let’s focus on the room. We had a wonderful, quite spacious room with a balcony. It was a little bit dark, to be honest, but I guess the palette of dark colours and the subtle strategic lightning were consistent with the relaxing atmosphere that prevailed in the hotel. The bed was huge and really comfortable, there was enough space for all our luggage (and we had plenty) and the mini bar offered a nice selection of Happy Pills. Cool magazines spread over the room… just like the gym, another thing that we love in every hotel’s room but we never use. Who has time to sit and read the magazines? But still it’s a very nice touch. The bathroom was amazing: all white with fluffly towels and bathrobes, lots of space for a make up addict like me and amenities from H2O, a brand that I remember being one of the first natural beauty brands to hit the stores in Madrid a few years ago. But what we loved the most was our little balcony. After two months without seeing the sun, we woke up to a beautiful bright blue sky. The kind of sky you can only find in Madrid, in Winter.
hotel_de_las_letras_20hotel_de_las_letras_12And to make the most of that wonderful sky, we headed up to the hotel’s attic. A delightful little terrace that we guessed had to be amazing for cocktails during Summer nights. That morning it was freezing cold, so after taking a few pictures we hurried up for breakfast. And what a breakfast!
hotel_de_las_letras_6hotel_de_las_letras_11hotel_de_las_letras_10One of the best breakfasts we’ve had in a very long time. Fresh produce, the most amazing Jamón Ibérico (really, it was heavenly), perfectly baked pastries and two waiters that were everywhere, taking care of every guest. We would come back to this hotel only for that breakfast!
hotel_de_las_letras_9hotel_de_las_letras_8hotel_de_las_letras_7We didn’t have time, but we would have loved trying chef Paco Morale’s cuisine in the hotel’s restaurant. Besides, we were offered a 30% discount in the two restaurants (Bocablo and Al Trapo) with our booking. The problem is always the same in Madrid: too many nice places to eat, so little time to do it!

So, if you are looking for a nice design hotel in Madrid with a boutique feel to it, Hotel de las Letras could be your place. The location is perfect, the atmosphere is quiet and trendy and the staff is really nice. And even if you don’t book a room, make sure you visit the hotel’s bar for a nice cup of cofee overlooking Madrid’s Gran Vía.

EDIT: Sadly, the hotel is now part of the IBEROSTAR chain. We stayed there recently and sadly the quality of the service was not as good as before.


  1. Always appreciate a good breakfast spread! And I totally know the feeling when it comes to Hotel gyms…I always attempt to at least visit the gym once, but exploring the city and dining out requires a lot of energy :)

  2. This looks like an incredible hotel! I love Madrid and am planning on going back very soon. Definitely writing this place down. Thank you for sharing the stunning photos too (and that balcony view, so pretty)

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  4. Trinity Fuentes says

    I stayed at this hotel in May 2013 and I really enjoyed it. As you said, the rooms were big, it was very clean, the breakfast was fantastic, I loved having a little balcony, and the literary theme was fun. I was on the Gran Via side, but it didn’t seem too noisy, and it was nice to be able to check the weather. It’s also very conveniently located, the major sights are within easy walking distance and there are many shops near by. It was nice seeing your photos and remembering my last trip to Madrid.

    • We are glad that this post helped you remember some nice moments! We loved our stay at Hotel de Las letras too. In fact, we are coming back to Madird this Summer and we are thinking about booking this hotel again!
      Thanks for your comment and have a great weekend!

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