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Bosco de Lobos, Madrid

We had read about Bosco de Lobos in a couple of blogs and magazines. We were initially attracted to it by its beautiful decor and all the fuzz that it had created in Madrid’s gastro scene, but to be honest we doubted about its cuisine. You know the drill: new fancy resturant, with a focus on design, lots of shots in all the right Instagram accounts, international vibes… We actually expected a nice but not impressive meal. Well, we, foodie snobs sometimes, we were totally wrong. The food was utterly delicious. So much as to come back twice in a couple of weeks.

Bosco_de_lobos_5The place is stunning, there’s no way to deny it. Located in the absolutely remarkable and recently renovated building of the Spanish Architects Association, the atmosphere is a little bit intellectual, casual yet a tad posh and, mostly, warm and welcoming. The pictures you are seeing were taken the first night we had dinner there. Cosy and private are the first adjectives that come into our minds. But with the day light… wow. We came back for lunch and the area that they called the library was full of muted Winter brightness. Perfect for a good meal, a nice glass of wine and a slow paced conversation. Sadly we took no pictures. You will have to go and check it yourselves!
december_favorites_1The food? Let’s get started with these perfect croquettes. We included them in our December favourites, so we are not exaggerating when we say they were a highlight in our visit to Madrid. A little bit on the salty side, oddly enough that was one of the things we liked the most. Sprinkled with sea salt, the bechamel was soft and full of flavour without being too intense. The only problem? We wanted more.
Bosco_de_lobos_1For our main dishes we both had fish. They say that Madrid is the best Spanish seaport and, well, it’s true. P. had the grilled hake with potato mash and mushrooms. I regret not having chosen the same. A comforting Wintery dish, perfectly coked where all the ingredients made absolute sense together. And it was durprisingly light.
Bosco_de_lobos_2I went for the tuna tartar with wasabi ice cream. The presentation was beyond beautiful, I felt terrible destroying such a lovely plate… but #getintomybelly.  I posted a better picture on Instagram because also ordered this dish the second time we ate at the restaurant too. With day light it was even more gorgeous. As you can see I really loved it. The tuna was wonderfully tender, it melted softly in your mouth. Together with the wasabi ice cream it created a perfect and smooth combination. Light, a tad spicy and accompanied by a few pieces of an unexpectedly delicious bread.
Bosco_de_lobos_7And of course we ordered dessert. Tiramisu and pineapple panacotta. The size was lovely, the right amount to satisfy our sweet tooth but not make you feel (too) guilty. As much as we loved the tiramisu we have to admit that the panacotta was way better: really creamy with a zingy twist.
Bosco_de_lobos_4Bosco_de_lobos_3Bosco_de_lobos_6We don’t want to forget the incredible pumpkin risotto that our friend ordered. It was heaven. Totally recommendable if yoy visit Bosco de Lobos for lunch. The portion is really generous so we would avoid it at night. Maybe share? But you will not want to share, believe us!
Bosco de Lobos was a great Christmas surprise for us and we will be back for sure. This new restaurant has arrived to become a classic.
Bosco de Lobos
Colegio de Arquitectos
Hortaleza 63
28004 Madrid
Don’t forget to book! +34 915 249 464


    • Oh yes you should! It’s a super friendly city, beautiful and really lively! So, book as soon as posible ;) The beginning of Summer is the best time to go. Let us know if you want any tips! It’s my home town!

  1. Omg isn’t that the best feeling – when you aren’t expecting anything from the food and you bite into the first piece and it’s just paradise?! When it happens to me and my boyfriend we immediately look at each other in that “Hell Yes!” look haha.

    Z. | J. POTTER

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