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New traditions

This week has been hard. We miss Spain. Sigh! But thinking about our last holidays we have realised that during the last four years we have created our very own, touristy Spanish traditions… christmas_photodiary_2christmas_photodiary_3christmas_photodiary_5Every time we go back to Spain we take a couple of days to meet friends our friends in Madrid. We book a nice hotel in the city center and we spend most of the time wandering aimlessly through the old town.christmas_photodiary_6christmas_photodiary_10christmas_photodiary_9christmas_photodiary_8christmas_photodiary_7We visit an exhibition at Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. Whatever is on! These images belong to the current retrospective of Hubert de Givenchy’s work. If you like fashion or cinema, you have to hurry up and check it out before January 18th! christmas_photodiary_12christmas_photodiary_11christmas_photodiary_13And we have cocktails with friends. This time we’ve found a new must in Seville: the amazing Bar Americano. We can’t recommend it enough! We already included it in our December favorites

What about you? Do you have your own holiday traditions?


    • Hi Lucia! We also loved Italy and we try to visit every year! How can we not to? Let us know if you plan any trip to Spain. Maybe we can help you?

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