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The impossible shoe

So I’ve been looking for the perfect wearable pointy mid heel black shoe for a very long time. I decided that the sales would be the perfect moment to finally purchase this gorgeous basic.  We all know that timeless basics are THE pieces to buy on sale, no? But I was wrong. Terribly wrong. You see, I have tiny feet. I know that in some cultures that is beautiful, but since I don’t live in Japan nor travel there to get me a pair of shoes (I wish!) I’m forced to wear child shoes most of the time. I love flats, so… well, not bad in that department. But what happens when I want to buy something that a 36 year old woman would wear to work? I find nothing. And what happens if I try to find it on sale? I always get this: “With those feet you should buy your shoes at the very beginning of the season” (Add a patronizing smile  and that kind of pity look only a sales assistant can give). Well, as a member of a minority with a limited amount of rights in numerous countries in the world, I do not like that kind of answer.  Now I can’t have my shoes with a reduced price like every other girl????? But this time I was feeling hopeful. I saw exactly what I wanted in one of the Wardrobe icons Issues. The discreet but still gorgeous Florisa shoe by L.K. Bennett. I did my research and found out that L. K. Bennett does EU 35 or UK 3. During my last trip to London I tried to find them (not on sale!) and I didn’t. Well, I thought, bad luck. Let’s wait until the sales are here and I will track them down. Guess what? No luck. Desaparecidos. I got in touch with the L. K. Bennett customer service and they answered really quickly (great customer service by the way) telling me that they don’t produce that shoe in my size and have no plans to do it. Basically, they destroyed my hopes. Sigh.

So, I’m still searching. Because as much as I want, sadly there’s no way I can change my feet. No plastic surgeon has that covered. Anyway… Goodbye Florisa. Sad face.


    • Thank you, thank you. I really wanted to add a pair of heels to my wardrobe… but I guess I’ll have to stick to the Stan Smiths!

  1. Good luck on your search, love!
    I have the opposite problem since my feet are quite big (eu 42, which isn’t usual at all in a female in my country) and sometimes I can’t find a pair of shoes for my own or, if I do, they hurt so bad because they’re very narrow or a size smaller..

  2. Hey Ladies, I truely recommend to take a moment and check the charity stores. Here in Germany, I am going mad, what people donate and I am sure you will find your perfect poiny mid heel black shoe. I am so certain because I am doing a challenge: 365 days of secondhand clothing only…
    good luck with your shoe surch.

  3. Annika says

    Hey :) If you don’t care about the brand to much, then this site might be something for you!

    It’s a startup from Germany and the shoes are very high quality! If you are not happy, yo can even return them.

  4. Hi! I just found your blog while reading Tina Fussel’s blog and got curious about your comment about coffee. :)

    Have tou ever been in Portugal? Here is not that hard to find adult shoes in size 35.
    I’m size 36 but my feet are skinny, so sometimes a 35 shoe fits better.
    Last summer I bought a pair of leather nude sandals in size 35.

    Zilia, a portuguese brand, sell all their models in your size.


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