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December favorites

A little bit late, but here you have our December favorites! Starting with one of the presents St. Nikolaus brought me. A new breakfast set from Villeroy & Boch. Of course, we celebrated the arrival of the breakfast set with scrambled eggs and huge coffes. And posted a picture on Instagram.  Obviously.
december_favorites_5December passed by really quickly. On December 20th we finally arrived to Madrid. We went back home for the holidays. And Madrid has to be in our favorites, always. Because there’s nothing like a day with friends in Madrid under its stunning bright blue sky and the Winter sun. december_favorites_4Well, everything is better if you have croissants and brownies for breakfast! We stayed at Hotel de Las Letras and had a wonderful experience. We will post our review really soon. december_favorites_7We wandered through the old streets of Madrid, met friends, had lovely lunches and dinners and dreamt about coming back and live in this house… december_favorites_8I think half of the population of Madrid dreams with that building. It’s placed next to Teatro Real and just in front of the Royal Palace. Location, location, location. And that silver roof, sigh! december_favorites_1We had a fair amount of croquetas. If you go to Spain, try them. A croquetas tasting… mmm! Someone should organize something like that in Madrid! These ones were eaten at Bosco de Lobos, one of our greatest discoveries of December. december_favorites_10And we went back to Seville. What can we say? P’s home town is absolutely beautiful. Seville is a very special place for me. This time, we had the most amazing time looking for a bride dress for one of our dearest friends and had a lovely night out when all we did was talk about weddings. december_favorites_2Well, that night we also ate the best Giozas we’ve ever eaten. december_favorites_9And ended up in Bar Americano, the incredible cocktail bar at Hotel Alfonso XIII. december_favorites_6Bye, bye December, you’ve been good.


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