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2014 Recipe Recap

Good morning! We are back in Germany, back to work and back to our normal schedule. But before moving forward to 2015, we wanted to share with you a little recap of the recipes posted in The slow pace during 2014. Mmm… Monday! is one of our favourite sections and remembering our experiments in the kitchen has been quite fun… and surprising! I thought we were bakers, not cookers… but it turns out it’s the other way round! We have baked less and cooked more. Do you want to have a look at our very own cookbook? roasted_vegetables_2We started 2014 with our healthy lunch series. After the holidays we sure needed a little bit of detox, so we shared with you a few recipes to start the year with more vegetables and less fat. You can get the recipes here. snickers_muffin_3But let’s not forget our love for baked goods… We posted a few indulging recipes to satisfy our sweet tooth:

Peanut butter and chocolate home made bars

Chocolate gâteau basque

Snickers and peanut butter muffins

Butter biscuits

And foolproof cinnamon rolls
rumpsteak_7With this terrible weather, we can’t help but spending lots of hours in the kitchen. It’s one of our favourite things to do. Here you have the results…

Gourmet leek and gruyere bagels

Burger alla’amatriciana

Steak slice with lemon and thyme

Chicken caesar cornets

Our favorite recipe of the year: orecchiette with homemade tomato sauce and sopressa vicentina

Saffron shrimp salad

Tagliatelle ai funghi porcini

Onion and mushroom smothered turkey burger with Swiss cheese

Torta rustica

Please let us know if you prepared one of the recipes featured on the blog! And if you didn’t… what are you waiting for?


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