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Best of 2014

2014 has been a bittersweet year. We’ve had some wonderful times, but we’ve lived some really tough moments too. All in all we’ve learnt a lot. Since we want to focus on the positive, we’ve put together a list of our favourite moments of 2014.


In January I attended the Conde Nast Traveller course in London. To say I loved it is an understatement. I felt motivated and realized what I want to do with my life. It opened my eyes and made me feel special. Thanks to this trip, we also discovered our new home in London, The Mandeville hotel.


In Spring we enjoyed a few picnics by the river. Living in the North of Germany, the sun in our faces and the warm grass under our feet were pure luxury.


We celebrated P.’s birthday in London. I organized a private photography lesson for her at the Nikkon school of photography and we spent a few days exploring Marylebone and St. John’s Wood. We discovered the coolest street, the best Indian restaurant, the best burger and what has become our favourite spot in London. Oh, and we finally got to experience a proper English afternoon tea!


In May we escaped to Ibiza for the most amazing holidays. It’s hard to choose just one moment. There were so many highlights: discovering the tiniest cove and spending the day reading, barely talking, just looking at each other and smiling, finding this little restaurant and enjoying a lazy lunch while listening to the sound of the sea or feeling the sun on our skin in a deserted beach in Formentera.


I don’t want to forget my family trip to Italy in May. It was the first time in my life that I got to spend a weekend with my whole family and it was epic. I really missed my grandparents, though. I’m sure they would have enjoyed seeing the family together in Italy.


We spent a fair amount of time at home. Watching our favourite tv shows on our sofa, while eating avocado toasts and sipping a nice cocktail has been our private heaven. That’s why putting together our bart cart can be considered a highlight!


In August we came back to Valle del Baztán. Quiet mornings overlooking the valley, the best chocolate in the world and lots of time to read… Much needed peace and quiet.


In August we also enjoyed adorable long walks at night in Cadiz with our four year old nephew and our baby niece.

orecchiette_with_sopressa_3Cooking pasta at home while listening to the rain on the firsts days of German Autumn was pure bliss.


In September we finally got to visit Amsterdam!!! Our dinner at this secret kitchen was absolutely amazing. We hardly go out at night but that dinner date was truly special and extremely fun. A sunset cruise and a great day wandering through the Western canals made us fall in love with the city.   And we stayed in a fabulous loft at Hotel V Frederiksplein.


And I went back to Venice. An early lonely breakfast overlooking a tiny canal, writing, waiting for my mum to arrive was one of those perfect unique moments in life.


Later that week I spent a day remembering my grandmother in the streets of Padova.


This year my birthday was pretty special. The celebrations started with an scrumptious cheese tasting in our favourite restaurant in Bremen followed by a beautiful weekend in Heidelberg.

heidelberg_sunset_7I studied in Heidelberg a gazillion years ago, so the weekend was quite emotional. The warm Autumn sun guided us in this trip down memory lane. And we had drinks with my mum. That was a first!


And the last getaway of the year was London. We finished the year as nicely as we started it. We try to visit the city every year around Christmas to enjoy the festive atmosphere but this time it was even more special because our dearest friends had moved there and we stayed with them. We discovered a new side of London and we started planning their wedding. But this is not going to be the only wedding of the year! Our friend T. is getting married too!!! And a year that starts with two wedding announcements has to be a great year!! So, bring it on 2015!!! You will rock!!!


    • It was pretty cool :) We want to thank you for following along!!!! We get very happy every time we see one of your comments!!!
      We wish you the best year ever!!!
      E. & P.

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