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Señor Ceviche

Here we are: the last mmm… Monday of the year! Today we go back to London, to Kingly Court in particular, which has become the place to go for a fun bite. Several new restaurants have joined forces to create a new foodie spot in the heart of London. We followed Rosie’s recommendation and had lunch at Señor Ceviche.

Senor_Ceviche_6Since we hadn’t book a table we had to wait a little bit on the bar. Not that we minded, though. They served really nice cocktails and the atmosphere was so vibrant and lively that we decided to just sit, sip or drinks and enjoy. Five minutes after, a nice waitress took us to our table.
Senor_Ceviche_7Cheers! (Ring by COS, nail polish by Essie)
Senor_Ceviche_2The decor is a little bit crazy, really bright. It’s based on the bohemian district of Lima, Barranco. Street art, beautiful tiles and lots of colour create a fun laid back setting for a great lunch with friends. The music was a little bit loud, if I may say so. But let’s focus on the food…
Senor_Ceviche_1We started with a quinoa salad. To be honest, we had an awful experience with quinoa before so we were a bit reluctant but, well, we wanted to give it another try. And it was good, really good. Super fresh, citrussy, light and crunchy. I love that lime is a key ingredient in all Peruvian seasonings. I would add lime to all my meals!
Our friend Isa and I went for the spicy barbacue chicken. A-ma-zing. Not overly spicy, it was the epitome of scrumptious comfort food for a cold day.
Senor_Ceviche_3P., on the contrary chose a light Ceviche.
Senor_Ceviche_4After the first bite it was all ummms and ooohhhs. So I guess it was really good.
Of course we had to order a side of Papas a la huancaína. They were good, but not the best that we’ve eaten. The Huancaína sauce was a little bit bland and it was mixed with tomato sauce. We would have prefered a more traditional take on this famous Peruvian dish.Senor_Ceviche_5All in all we had a great time. Señor Ceviche is perfect for a fun meeting with friends, a festive family lunch or a pit stop if you are shopping like crazy in Carnaby street. Besides, Peruvian food is the new Ramen, the new foodie trend! Book a table (here), though. It gets crowded!


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