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Gluten free

Haven’t you noticed a huge increase in people who claim to be gluten intolerant? Why is that? Is it because our digestive system has changed? I’ve been browsing the internet for anwers (that’s super scientific, I know) and I have found out that  celiac disease is four times more common today than a half-century ago. There are people who blame the wheat itself (extensive hybridization, oxidizers, new methods of yeasting, and other chemical processes. Yuck!) and others  blame the increasingly clean environment, which reduces the number of factors that challenge and stimulate the developing immune system. So according to my intensive half an hour research, there is actually a reason for all the gluten free obsession nowadays.

But don’t you think some people… fake it? Is celiac disease trendy? While this could be a good thing because of the increased awareness and is leading to better stocked supermarkets, gluten free menus and even gluten free tourist guides, I’m really concerned about those who say they suffer from a very complicated disease when in fact they just need an excuse not to eat carbs. It’s like anorexia in the 90’s. It was supposed to be cool. Why does someone fake an illness?  Even more when that illness involves… well, lots of poop. Speak with someone with Celiac disease and you’ll hear horror stories where bathrooms are the main setting. Is poop becoming fashionable then? Can sickness be a trend? Are we mad? Am I being too cynic?

Now, excuse me I have to leave. I’m baking some gluten free cookies.



  1. I agree with you about trend. Yes, I do think that there are many who suffer from Celiac disease, but I do feel quite a few convince themselves they too suffer, therefore abstain from carbs. Then again, I’m generalizing and assuming, so what do I know.
    Texas Jak

    • Indeed! It’s a stupid trend but it’s there! I hate when I go to a restaurant and someone is ordering like: gluten free, dairy free, everything free… just ask for a glass of waater! ;)

  2. Ciara says

    I found out I am gluten and dairy intolerant over a decade ago, before it became a trend. I was in chronic pain and very poor health and was so happy to be able to find a cure. I agree the trend is frustrating. Especially for me because I fear people won’t take me seriously and I get very sick even when I ingest an accidental crumb.

    • My point exactly! I was quite ill for a while and the doctor thought it was celiac disease. Let me tell you, it was not funny. At the end it was just a bad health patch, but… not something I would speak about lightly!

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