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Roast, London

During our last London getaway we followed Rachel advice and had breakfast at Roast. After strolling around Borough Market we decided to have a second (yes, second) breakfast and we enjoyed a fantastic quiet morning overlooking the market. 
Roast_London_2Borough Market was gleaming with festive lights. It wasn’t crowded so we could walk aimlessly and take pictures until we got terribly hungry. We wanted to have something healthy because the first  breakfast had been a really delicious muffin and a coffee. Comforting and exactly what we needed after not having too much sleep, but not very nourishing. So we went to Roast for our vitamin dose.
Roast_London_4Which came in the form of a light colourful salad fruit and…
Roast_London_3A full English breakfast. But in our defense I’ll say it was vegetarian. The food was really nice (the eggs were particularly good) but I have to say that I was surprised by the great quality of the coffee! We enjoyed our breakfast almost in silence. The atmosphere was so calm that we felt truly relaxed. It was freezing cold outside, one of those mornings with a bright white light that announces Christmas.  And there we were, sipping our sweet cappuccini, smiling at each other and savouring our breakfasts. A little moment of happiness.
Roast_London_5We left happy and carefree, ready for a freezing day in London. We really want to come back to Roast for a proper British meal. If their full  menu is as nice as the breakfast, we know we’ll love it.

We don’t want to forget the service: discreet, kind and elegant. I think a restaurant is defined by its staff and in this case it’s particulaly true. Book a table here.


  1. That fruit salad looks amazing! What a lovely, quiet breakfast experience :) Enjoy the rest of you’re time!

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