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Where to travel in 2015?

This week we’ve done two quizzes to guess where we should travel in 2015. This one in the Lonely Planet web says we have to go to Singapore (we both got the same result!) but the quiz in the AFAR website claims that I should experience art in Paris and P. has to recharge in India. Well, we’ve never thought about visiting Singapore to be honest. Maybe we should, apparently it matches our personality, go figure! But Paris is always a good idea. India, on the contrary, scares us. In any case, our travel plans for 2015 are quite different:

In February we are planning to spend a weekend in Mallorca. We want to go back to Serra de Tramuntana, eat in Ca Na Toneta and remember a little trip we did five years ago to prepare our destination wedding. If you are curious you can have a look at the posts we did about our wedding here and here.

We don’t want to miss The Hive in April. The Hive is the blogger conference that we couldn’t attend last year nor the year before. We promise we’ll be there! We are even thinking about an extra night in Berlin to visit this spa.

But our trip in May is going to be the highlight of the year: we will try to visit Rome and Costiera Amalfitana to celebrate our 5th anniversary! We spent our honeymoon in a little family owned hotel in Ravello and we’d love to come back and reminisce. We are trying to add a couple of extra nights in Rome too. Let’s see what we can arrange…

In June we’ll be flying to Seville for the most special wedding. Our dearest friends are getting married and I’m sure it’s going to be amazing! We just can’t wait!

The end of the Summer is reserved for Stockholm. Everyone talks about how beautiful it is and, well, we even created a moodboard about it. So it’s time to turn that wanderlust into a reality.

Our traditional London Christmas trip will be the last getaway in our calendar. We just can’t get enough of London at Christmas. Or London for that matter…

As you can see we have lots of planning to do! No long distance trips, though. What can we say? We are weekenders and city break girls.

Which are your travel plans for 2015? Please answer those quizzes and let us know the results in the comment section! It will be fun!


    • Well, look at this year as the year you can travel and sabe money for future trips!!! Mykonos is a great destination. We were there a fe years ago and we would love to come back!

  1. I haven’t made any plans for 2015 yet. It’s all up for grabs. I think I would like to do a road trip in Sweden & Denmark in the summer. But first, I have to find a willing driver as I am the WORST driver in the world. I’m sure I will go to Spain at least once, especially if I can swing an invite to my friend D’s house again. (Smile). And lazy weekends in Brighton when the weather warms up.

    • That road trip sounds really nice. But I have to disagree with you: you can’t be the worst driver because I won that award a few years ago ;)
      Have you answer those quizzes? They are quite fun. I mean.. P. in India? Hahahahahaha!!!

      • My travel quiz answer came out as Namibia. Interesting. I’m contemplating that, especially as I have not been on safari before.

  2. Wow, you’re year sounds amazing! Definitely make it to Berlin, it’s an amazing city! We’re starting out the year with a trip to Prague and in the summer we’re off to Mozambique. But spring is still open and you’ve inspired me to check out Stockholm…I’ve always wanted to go and 2015 might just be the year!

    • Well, we were in berlin once and to be honest we were a little bit disappointed. let’s see if this time we get what all the fuss is about!
      Prague is a wonderful destination too! Please let us know if you finally visit Stokholm! Any tips are welcome!

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