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A new side of London

We knew the Thames. Who doesn’t? You go to London, you see the Thames. You pay no attention, though. There’s so much to see that the river just goes unnoticed. But last weekend we really experienced a new perspective of London where the river was the absolute focus. From Canada Water to Tower Bridge, we saw the Thames full of life, yet really quiet. Boats that sailed extremely fast mixed with slow river cruises. The cartoon-like skyscrapers of the City and the almost arrogant majesty of Tower bridge. The bustle and stillness that in a few minutes make the Thames look extremely different.  Southwark_London_1Southwark_London_6Southwark_London_9Southwark_London_10The camera captures how dissonant the same scenery looks in a few moments. Small details. Different angles. From the classic view of traditional London to an industrial landscape. Southwark_London_5Southwark_London_8Southwark_London_7Southwark_London_4Southwark_London_3Southwark_London_2PS: click on the images to enlarge them


  1. francaangloitalian says

    It’s true, I once took a boat on the Thames too and the city looked very different, it was very enjoyable to see London from a different perspective, loved it!

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