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Weekend style icons: Clara

We found Clara’s blog this week and we just can’t get enough! She is a Parisian mum of 3 (3!!!), runs her own company and has an outstanding style. We want to be like her! Mayor closet envy. Lots of high quality basics, neutral colours, flats and bold lips. And don’t get us started on her bag collection… Clara, we love you!!!
twg2 twg3 twg4 twg5As you can see in these pictures, this is an ode to the jeans + sweater combo! People, this is how it’s done. twg6 twg7 twg8 twg9We’ve spent hours browsing through her archives. Love, love, love!

More images and inspiration on her blog The working girl.

Happy weekend!

PS: we are in London! Follow our adventures on Instagram!


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