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We’ve been collaborating with Antonio Bayona since 2012 and we always get super excited everytime their launch a new line. Today we can finally share with you their fabulous new collection. And oh it’s pretty! Tiny dainty handmade jewellery inspired by geometry. Disclaimer: after reading this post you will feel the urge to buy one of these pieces. Just saying. But scroll down to know how to get a 15% off ;)

AB ANGULAR is an exclusive selection of 18 handmade sterling pieces (4 rings and 2 earrings) available in 24K gold plating, 24K rose gold plating and rhodium plating. I always go for the rose gold plating, but hey, you can choose! The rings are perfect to create your very personal ring stack and the little earrings are great to bright up your face subtly but beautifully.
ARABIC BANDARABIC RINGGARBO EARRINGSSTAR EARRINGS 00STAR RING 00Really pretty, huh? And now the good news: if you subscribe to their newsletter you can get a nice 15% off in any AB purchase! But if you want to try them on and you live in London, head over to Celestine Eleven (4 Holywell Lane EC2A 3ET Shoreditch, London) tomorrow, 20th November, at 18:30 p.m. and have a drink at the collection launch party! Just RSVP to [email protected]!!

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