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Kérastase Nutritive: Oldie but goodie

I have fine dry frizzy hair and I live in a country where it rains all the time. I know that you are sending your condolences right know. Thank you. Besides, I colour my hair. So the situation is even worse. After my brunette fiasco I’ve come back to my usual dark blonde/ caramel hair but I’ve noticed my poor little mane is quite damaged. That’s when Kérastase comes back into my bathroom. I know their products are the bomb, but somehow I get distracted by other new brands and end up buying flashy promising new products and forgetting the old good Kérastase. I should have been faithful though, because their Nutritive Line is the only one who soothes my hair. I’ve been using it again for the last couple of weeks and I already feel the difference. I’m not saying that it’s miraculous, but my hair looks and feels certainly healthier. And it smells amazing. It’s not an exotic scent, it’s just a comforting clean aroma that feels like coming back home. Their range of products is huge so I’m sure there is something for you, whether you are the lucky owner of brilliant, healthy straight locks or you suffer from a greasy I-just-do-what-I- want mane. This brand will improve your hair for sure. And if you are like me and your hair goes all crazy with a slightly amount of humidity, try this product from the Discipline collection. I’m just testing it, so no final thoughts here, but it sure has done a great job this last week…

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