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Torvehallerne, Copenhagen

During the last years, Copenhagen has been the ultimate destination for foodies. With the world famous Noma at the head of its gastronomic scene, Copenhagen was the place to go for avantgard cuisine. While Lima is claring a path with its Andean fusion, Copenhagen seems reluctant to give the floor to the Peruvian capital. One of the best places to get to enjoy the flavours of Copenhagen is Torvehallerne, the bigest food market in the city. We’ve already taken you to Borough Market and told you about our favourite Italian street markets, so you know we love a good stroll through the stalls!

Torvehallerme_1Torvehallerme_4The market has two main halls: on of them is more focused on sweets and baked goods, with fantastic places to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a delicious breakfast, and the other one has more traditional supply: butcher’s, fish stalls etc.

Torvehallerme_3Torvehallerme_5Torvehallerme_7Torvehallerme_8Torvehallerme_9Torvehallerme_10Torvehallerme_11Torvehallerme_12Torvehallerme_13Torvehallerme_14Torvehallerme_15You can also buy a whole kitchen if you want. And, of course, devour the local specialty: Smørrebrød.Torvehallerme_16Torvehallerme_17Torvehallerme_18Torvehallerme_19Torvehallerme_20

Torvehallerme_21If you happen to visit Copenhagen and you are a foodie, you can’t miss Torvehallerme market. Go there for an scrumptious breakfast, a warm cup of tea, a glass of the best wine or just to stock up on presents to take back home!


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